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Imaging Shoot-out — Nokia Lumia 830 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920 image 28

So I was able to get my hands on this beauty called ‘Lumia 830‘ in Orange color today and was really impressed by its looks and design. The first impressions being a Lumia 920 owner were “it’s tall, beautiful and slim .. the processing is fast and display is fantastic”.

Microsoft refers to Lumia 830 as its budget flagship as for the first time it brings features like PureView Imaging with OIS, In-built Wireless Charging, ability to record videos in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and a Premium design to the mid-range segment. More imaging improvements like Moment Capture, Rich Capture (Auto HDR & Dynamic Flash), Improved shooting speeds and next generation of image processing algorithms are expected with the upcoming ‘Lumia Camera‘ update.

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‘Flipboard’ for Windows Phone 8.1 updates, brings Pinning options & Video playback improvements

Flipboard for Windows Phone 8.1 image 3

Flipboard took its sweet time to come to Windows Phone but is right away on improvements path unlike some apps which are in Beta right from day 1 (read Instagram). The latest update to Flipboard brings ability to pin your favorite sections & magazines to start screen, you can now also like any article, photo-gallery or video right from the app bar and there are improvements to video playback in articles.

The latest update does not add support for 512MB RAM devices but hang on it will soon be coming.

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‘BBM Beta’ updates to version 1.2, brings software quality improvements

BBM Beta for Windows Phone 8

BBM Beta for Windows Phone has got a new build today taking it to version The improvements are pertaining to software quality improvement focusing on bug fixes & to solidify user experience.

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Nokia Lumia 930 now available for purchase from Nokia Online Store at INR 38,649 (USD 631) in India

Nokia Lumia 930 India new image

Nokia has finally made available its latest flagship device – Nokia Lumia 930 for purchase in India. Those who have been waiting for long can now grab Lumia 930 from official Nokia Online Store atĀ INR 38,649 (USD 631). The device is available in colors Black and White at this moment with Orange & Green as coming soon.

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New Cortana features – Daily Glance Evenings, Concert Recommendations, Chat Cards and more rolling out

Cortana latest features Windows Phone

Cortana has been getting feature rich over time with addition of several improvements and in a blog post today, Microsoft is talking about the brand new features viz. Daily Glance Evenings, Concert Recommendations, Flight Chat Cards and Location based App suggestions coming to Cortana this week.

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‘Truecaller’ for Windows Phone 8.1 updated to bring ‘Live Caller Id’ feature

Truecaller Live Caller Id Windows Phone 8.1

Just yesterday we covered about an update bringing Live Caller Id feature to the private beta of Truecaller and it so happens that an official update is now rolling out to the public version of the app bringing ‘Live Caller Id’ to the mass amongst other features.

With today’s update, the highly appreciated Truecaller app becomes fully functional on Windows Phone and at par with other platforms. In case if the Live Caller Id feature is not working fine for you then make sure you have updated the ‘network+’ app from Store because for Live Caller Id feature to work, you should have the latest ‘network+’ app installed on your device.

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‘Truecaller’ private beta for Windows Phone gets ‘Live Caller Id’ feature (finally!)

Truecaller Live Caller Id Windows Phone

Update – New version of Truecaller is now live for all bringing ‘Live Caller Id’ feature. Grab it at below link.



Ding Dong! Good news.

Truecaller for Windows Phone 8.1 will soon be getting the Live Caller Id feature which many are accustomed to on Android & iPhone. So far it was not a reality due to API limitations of Windows Phone 8 but all that is now changing thanks to the evolved & brand new APIs of Windows Phone 8.1.

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New WhatsApp version 2.11.572 for Windows Phone to bring much needed improvements

New WhatsApp version for Windows Phone 8

The WhatsApp team seems to have been looking at your feedback & incorporating changes & improvements you have been suggesting. Reddit user biggy00 has shared some screenshots highlighting the new features incoming with the next WhatsApp update which he thinks should come very soon.

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Skype releases ‘Skype Qik’, a video messenger for Windows Phone (Android & iPhone)

Skype Qik for Windows Phone 8.1

A team at Skype has been busy lately working on something called ‘Skype Qik’ – A Video Messenger. The idea that the team carried was to create something simple, something fast & something that can act like a messenger where you can share your videos on the go with friends & groups.

Skype Qik is exactly the app with that intentions which is cross-platform and where users can share their videos & only videos. These videos by default last for a period of 2 weeks & at the same time the sender has the option to delete them at any moment.

The team behind Skype Qik thinks that video sharing could be the next big thing just like WhatsApp & Instagram and rightly so. Personally i feel it has a huge potentional.

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