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Microsoft updates display, network+ and MixRadio apps for Windows Phone !

network+, display and MixRadio for Windows Phone

A couple of Nokia (now Microsoft) apps are getting updates today with two of them being System apps and the other & peoples favorite ‘Nokia MixRadio’. Find the change-log below.

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‘BBM’ for Windows Phone gets its first update post the closed-beta release (full change-log)

BBM Beta for Windows Phone

BBM for Windows Phone made appearance about a week back in the form of a closed beta program so those who could enroll for the program earlier were presented with the opportunity to beta test the app before official release.

The first build of BBM for Windows Phone had its share of bugs & things and fixing many of them team BBM released the first update of the app taking the build to v99.0.0.362.

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Nokia Lumia 530 – Video hands-on and Full specs

Nokia Lumia 530 image 2

Today Microsoft officially announced the recently leaked and covered yesterday by us ‘the Nokia Lumia 530′ (aka Nokia Rock) and it is now officially the most affordable Lumia yet with pricing less than €100.

Does the Lumia 530 have what it takes to impress ? .. Let’s start with Specs first.

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Microsoft updates the native ‘Battery Saver’ app and ‘OneDrive’ app with useful features

Battery Saver and OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft today went ahead and released updates for two of its apps, one being the native ‘Battery Saver’ app for Windows Phone 8.1 devices and the other its cloud storage solution ‘OneDrive’.

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ICYMI – ‘Lumia Cyan’ today rolled-out to Lumia 1520 devices in India and Finland

Lumia Cyan for Nokia Lumia 1520 Indian version

(ICYMI) In case you missed our FB or Twitter alert then you must make a note that today Microsoft started rolling the ‘Lumia Cyan’ update to Lumia 1520 devices in India and Finland. This is despite the tracker page still showing it as ‘under testing’.

So this takes the tally of Lumia Cyan roll-out to Lumia 625 & Lumia 925 (across the Globe and still rolling), Lumia 520 (Carrier – Orange, Country – France) and Lumia 1520 (India & Finland).

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Nokia Lumia 530 leaks, cheapest dual-SIM Lumia incoming !

Nokia Lumia 530 image 1

We heard about Lumia 530 sometime back codenamed as ‘Nokia Rock’ and now we have the specs of the device courtesy a Vietnamese Retailer. The device is loaded with dual-SIM functionality and going by the specs has ‘cheapest lumia’ written all over it.

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Loved Mario Bros ? .. give ‘Crocs World’ a try on your Windows Phone

Crocs World for Windows Phone image 1

Everyone has sweet memories attached with the classic Mario game and while we can’t play the official one on our phone right now. One can bring back those memories by playing ‘Crocs World’ on Windows Phone.

Crocs World is a Mario like Jump and Run game with 60 incredible levels, 4 different themes and challenging enemies. You need to collect Helmet to crush stone-blocks and Stonebag to throw stones at the enemies.

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France’s Orange starts rolling out ‘Lumia Cyan’ update for Nokia Lumia 520

Lumia Cyan update for Lumia 520 France

A breath of fresh air as apart from Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 world-wide, Nokia Lumia 520 on Frances’s Orange becomes the first other Lumia to get the ‘Lumia Cyan’ update. The update roll-out has begun today and interestingly its a rare case where a carrier has released update much ahead of the other unlocked phones world-wide. Another interesting bit is that Lumia 625 on the same carrier is still awaiting the update.

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Microsoft launches an interactive site on understanding Windows Phone (8.1)

Understanding Windows Phone

New to Windows Phone ? .. This might be really helpful for you.

Microsoft or should I say Nokia (based on the address of the site) has come to the fore and launched an exclusive site on understaning your Windows Phone (more  specifically Windows Phone 8.1). The site is an amalgamation of all things windows phone explained via videos so you can learn about say how to text or chat or about how Cortana works or how to make Calls etc etc.

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‘Lumia Cyan’ roll-out halted for Developer Preview devices

Lumia Cyan

Kind of ICYMI for us so we had to cover this.

You must be aware of the news that the official Lumia Cyan update is rolling out across the globe (as of now for Lumia 625 and Lumia 925) which is a great news but a glitch has stuck this process. It was found that the devices running Developer Preview and using BitLocker encryption through their companies were having issues upgrading, resulting in locked phones.

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