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Angry Birds Rio, Skype & Subway Surfers get updates on Windows Phone

Skype, Angry Birds Rio & Subway Surfers Rome for Windows Phone

Games this way ! … Yup after a bunch of WP8.1 updates from Microsoft, it’s time for Skype and a couple of your favorite games viz. Angry Birds Rio and Subway Surfers to get updates.

Grab hold of them below.

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Video, Games, Podcasts, Calendar & Facebook from Microsoft get updates for Windows Phone 8.1

Calendar, Video, Podcasts, Games & Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft is at work already with bunch of its official apps present on Windows Phone 8.1 getting updates immediately after the release of Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

Get hold of each & every one of them below.

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(Update – It’s Live) Confirmed – ‘Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview’ to go live today !

Windows Phone 8.1 14 Apr 2014

Update (16.45 IST) – ‘Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview’ is now live. You will get a patch update first followed with the biggie ! Cheers !

Here’s a quick post.

It’s officially confirmed (though the official post would appear later) that ‘Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview’ will go live today i.e. 14th Apr 2014.

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‘India Elections 2014′ app from Microsoft & IBN Live comes to Windows Phone

India Elections 2014 on Windows Phone 8

Are you impressed with Bing’s data on India elections ? .. What you have not checked it yet ? – Click here.
Look no further, the same information & analysis is now on your Windows Phone too courtesy Microsoft & IBN Live.

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More about Windows Phone 8.1 from ‘Joe Belfiore’ (this could be good & bad both)

Windows Phone 8.1 tidbits 2

It’s 1 day to go for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview to go live & Joe Belfiore (CVP & Manager for WP Program Management) is busy answering peoples queries over twitter whereby revealing interesting facts about WP8.1.

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More ‘Store’ improvements in Windows Phone 8.1

App Auto Updates Windows Phone 8.1

In Windows Phone 8.1 a lot of things are changing, either they are getting added or improved and Windows Phone Store is one of them. We have covered about the Windows Phone Store improvements in detail in past (you can click here to grab hold of it).

In addition to what we have already covered, below are some additional details that have emerged.

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Video – Windows Phone 8.1 demoed on Nokia Lumia 1020

Windows Phone 8.1 Video demo on Lumia 1020

I know you love watching videos, especially those of Windows Phone 8.1 and so we have it here for you. Last time it was Lumia 520 and this time around it’s Lumia 1020.

What impressed me on seeing this video is the Speed of execution as to how things flip faster now, how those ‘Sense’ apps open fast & how responsive & fast the same Lumia 1020 is post Windows Phone 8.1.

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‘Bing Apps Suite’ on Windows Phone get update, lose ‘Bing’

Bing App Suite Windows Phone

All of your favorite Bing apps on Windows Phone are getting an update today. The update trims down the apps by exactly ‘Bing’. Yeah so your favorite ‘Bing News’ is now just ‘News’ and so on. Apart from this nothing seems to have changed much.

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‘Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview’ confirmed to be coming early next week !

Platform innovations in WP8.1

Call it the news of the day because the highly awaited Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview has finally got a date from none other than Joe Belfiore.

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‘Flipkart’ releases official app for Windows Phone – users rejoice !

Flipkart for Windows Phone 8

The heavily anticipated ‘Flipkart’ app has finally arrived on Windows Phone. The app was in the working for quite a time now and has finally gone live today. Flipkart needs no introduction, is also sometimes referred to as Amazon of India and is one of India’s largest online retail store. It is valued at approx. Rs. 9900 Crores (US$ 1.7 Billion) as on Nov 13.

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