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Welcome ‘File Managers’ on Windows Phone 8.1 – ‘Pocket Explorer’ & ‘Aerize Explorer’

Pocket Explorer and Aerize Explorer for Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 apart from a lot of improvements also brings in new capabilities .. capabilities which developers would like to exploit. Top on the list of any user or even a developer would be managing files on Windows Phone. Cut/Copy/Paste/Move etc etc is something what we miss on Windows Phone but WP8.1 is here, adding new dimensions on every front.

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Walkthrough Windows Phone 8.1 – (Part 1)

Windows Phone 8.1 Walkthrough Part 1

The excitement was in the air & Microsoft had a tough task at hand of delivering to the expectations of users and THEY DID ! It was just not users, they even delivered it in the face of critics which range from Experts, Blogs to Blind Fans.

And that does not mean everything is fancy fancy .. far from it .. because the expectations of WP users have now reached a new level. Windows Phone 8.1 delivers all the basics that one would look out for from day 1 and at the same time can deal without it (that is the reason why Windows Phone as on OS is still here).

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‘Office Remote’ from Microsoft Research gets update, adds slide preview

Office Remote for Windows Phone 8

‘Office Remote’ from Microsoft lets you interact with Microsoft Office on your PCs. You can control Excel, Word & PowerPoint with Office Remote on your Windows Phone making those presentations a little more convenient & easier.

The latest update adds the ability to preview upcoming slide with better control over embedded media.

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‘Team Viewer’ & Nokia’s ‘App Folder’ get updates

Team Viewer and App Folder for Windows Phone

Quick updates available for ‘Team Viewer’ and ‘App Folder’ for Windows Phone.

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(RG) Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview – First Impressions

Windows Phone 8.1 First Impressions

In case you are wondering what’s RG then let me sort it out, it’s ‘Reader Generated:).

Our blog has many fans & friends & Pradeep Ananth is one of them who has been kind enough to share his findings/first impressions of Windows Phone 8.1 (Developer Preview) with us. Pradeep has used Android (phone) in past and currently holds a Nexus 7 tablet and a Nokia Lumia 720 so we are in for an unbiased view from him.

Let’s check it out

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‘Xbox Music’ app for Windows Phone 8.1 to get its first update on 22 Apr

Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8.1 image

4 days from now, the ‘Xbox Music’ app for Windows Phone 8.1 will get its first update. This info comes directly from Microsoft Answers and would be a pleasant one for all music lovers.

Despite it not being a major update, Microsoft aims to continuously improve its official apps (viz. Music, Games, Video etc) experience by the way of multiple updates and thus you are seeing integration being achieved in WP8.1 with the help of apps & not OS.

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Microsoft fixes the ‘Xbox Games’ app for Windows Phone 8.1 in latest update

Xbox Games hub for Windows Phone 8.1

The release of Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview saw a bunch of official apps from Microsoft getting updates which even included the ‘Games’ app (Xbox Games hub) but unlike with any update or upgrade, the app became unstable & was not able to show the games collection.

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Video – Nokia Lumia 630 cool Football Ad !

Nokia Lumia 630 Cool Football Ad

Nokia has teamed up with Finnish Goalkeeper ‘Lassi Hurskainen’ in its latest Ad, which shows-off some cool trick shots by Lassi to get rid of older (read Competitors ;)) phones. Of-course as always with Nokia, there is a colory surprise at the end.

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Angry Birds Rio, Skype & Subway Surfers get updates on Windows Phone

Skype, Angry Birds Rio & Subway Surfers Rome for Windows Phone

Games this way ! … Yup after a bunch of WP8.1 updates from Microsoft, it’s time for Skype and a couple of your favorite games viz. Angry Birds Rio and Subway Surfers to get updates.

Grab hold of them below.

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Video, Games, Podcasts, Calendar & Facebook from Microsoft get updates for Windows Phone 8.1

Calendar, Video, Podcasts, Games & Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft is at work already with bunch of its official apps present on Windows Phone 8.1 getting updates immediately after the release of Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

Get hold of each & every one of them below.

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