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The latest Windows Phone Developer Preview update enables use of SD Card for Phone Updates

Developer Preview version 8.10.14203.306 Windows Phone

Microsoft is slowly & steadily improving the Windows Phone experience by way of quick OS updates enabling basic as well as some critical new features. This of-course applies to you if you have enrolled for the Windows Phone Developer Preview program.

The last Developer Preview Update version 8.10.14203.206 brought with itself some key enhancements with one amongst them being a critical internal change. Post updating to the latest version, your device will now automatically detect low-space during a Phone Update and make use of SD Card to complete it successfully. That’s a major major update for those holding a device with 8GB or lesser internal memory.

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Microsoft updates Treasure Tag, adds ability to take pics remotely using the accessory button

Nokia Treasure Tag

The Treasure Tag application from Microsoft adds one nifty feature in its latest update for Windows Phone. Apart from bug-fixes and improvements, the app now adds the ability to click pics remotely using the button on your Treasure Tag Accessory in conjunction with Lumia Selfie app.

The button on Treasure Tag accessory acts as a remote shutter control allowing you to click pics using the Lumia Selfie app.

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World’s largest selfie finds home in Microsoft Lumia 730

World's largest Selfie via Lumia 730

Lumia 730 from Microsoft is a perfectly balanced device and one that’s selling like hot cakes in many countries. It’s also the first device from Microsoft to feature a 5MP Full HD camera module in front & owns the Selfie status.

Now Lumia Bangladesh team has gone one step ahead (or many be too many) & clicked the World’s Largest Selfie via Lumia 730 fitting in at-least 1151 people – well that’s too many to – a great feat achieved!

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Video – The lovely Lumia 730 Ad from Microsoft India

Nokia Lumia 730 Advertisement India

Yes, we are back or shall I say ‘I’. Got entangled in some personal work and health was a bit plus and minus.

This was on my mind for quite some time and finally am able to share this beautiful Ad of Lumia 730 with you. I really like this advertisement of Lumia 730 and more than it I really love the device itself. Sadly enough I don’t own one.

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Video (Awesome!) – Binaural Recording with Microsoft Lumia 930

Microsoft Lumia Make It Happen

In the below video from Microsoft, true recording prowess of Lumia 930 is on display featuring the Binaural Recording capability, courtesy its 4 HAAC Microphones.

The 3D Sound – it’s awesome by the way!

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What’s next? – Nokia teases with an image of a black box

Nokia thinking ahead

Now that Nokia and Microsoft have parted ways, Nokia is starting to come to fore. Nokia is and has always been known for making awesome products. While it’s clear that Nokia is not directly entering the mobile market anytime soon but that does not stop it from making other awesome products.

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Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone gets a major update

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Facebook Messenger gains some great new features in its latest update for Windows Phone. The new update takes the app to version 9.0 and adds features such as the ability to send texts to non-FB friends from within the app and ability to add drawings and text to photos before sending them. The app now uses the latest 8.1 APIs to resume faster as it just suspends to background when you press the back button instead of closing.

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The much awaited ‘VLC Player’ to hit Windows Phone Store in a week or so

VLC on Lumia 1520 new

All Windows PC/Laptop users would know how good it is to have VLC Player on your device. The video playback capabilities of this app are immense. And now VLC is all set to hit your Windows Phone device very soon or may be next week!

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‘Metrotube’ for Windows Phone updated with several fixes

MetroTube for Windows Phone 8.1

Metrotube, the highly loved YouTube client on Windows Phone has got an update. The update tries to address a couple of issues by way of Playback fixes, Portrait Videos fix and Video page navigation fix.

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Skype Qik adds the ‘Qik Fliks’ feature in latest update for Windows Phone

Skype Qik for Windows Phone 8.1

Skype team has updated its brand new Skype Qik app on Windows Phone with the much needed ‘Qik Fliks‘ feature. At launch Windows Phone was deprived of this feature and not taking much time, it has been released by the Skype team.

Qik Fliks – When you want to reply to a message but don’t have time to record a video of your own, you can use a Qik Flik. They’re like GIFs you record yourself – little 5 second videos you can send with just a tap. You can record and store your own Qik Fliks so you’re ready to respond to anything.

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