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‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ picks up new levels & 512MB RAM support in latest update for Windows Phone

Spider-Man Unlimited Enter Sandman for Windows Phone

Gameloft has hit the update button on one of its very popular game ‘Spider-Man Unlimited‘ for Windows Phone. The most exciting part of today’s update is the entire update :) .. There’s new levels waiting for you and most importantly the support for 512MB RAM devices. So with this update enters the Sandman (Villain), 25 new story missions, face-off in Halloween event and a brand new environment NY’s High Line Park.

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‘WhatsApp’ finally gets the much needed update on Windows Phone, brings a host of improvements

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8.1

We covered a couple of stories in the last week as to how the private beta of WhatsApp for Windows Phone platform had gained some significant improvements. It was not long and the same update along with those key improvements was made public today. The much awaited WhatsApp update was out!

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‘Tetra Lockscreen’ for Windows Phone 8.1 gets its first update, brings support for additional toast icons & bug fixes

Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone 8.1 new

Tetra Lockscreen‘ from Microsoft Garage hit the Windows Phone Store a week back and brought with itself the goodness of Live Lockscreen to Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Today the app is getting its first update which adds support for additional toast icons & fixes some bugs.

Note – Tetra Lockscreen is a US only app at this moment and one can grab the app or the update by changing the region to US under settings.

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‘WhatsApp Beta’ in action on Video, fully compatible with WP8.1 and features battery & speed improvements

WhatsApp Beta image 1

Update – The subject WhatsApp update is now out for public. Read more at below link.



Just some time back we covered about WhatsApp private beta hitting version 2.11.572 and bringing improvements like Zero lag while scrolling or zooming media files, ability to add captions to photos & videos, ability to crop & rotate photos before sharing, ability to archive chats & groups and support for high resolution screens.

Now a new update for WhatsApp private beta which takes the app to version 2.11.580.0 is out and is said to be fully compatible with Windows Phone 8.1.

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Telegram Messenger, Xbox Music & OneDrive for Windows Phone get updates

Telegram Messenger, Xbox Music and OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1

A couple of your favorite apps on Windows Phone have got updates today.

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone is one nice app to have and today’s update adds Username support and fixes some bugs. Xbox Music on the other hand has no change-log but I can see a definite improvement in Start-up time. OneDrive tops the update list today with a flashy new UI and support for Business accounts (one nifty addition).

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‘Quikr’ launches its official app for Windows Phone

Quikr on Windows Phone 8

Quikr, one of India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portal with presence in more than 900 cities has launched its official app for Windows Phone platform. Quikr presents you with an opportunity to buy and sell things & services online and with an official app, you are closer than ever at finding right things on the go.

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‘PhotoMath’ on Windows Phone solves Math equations via your phone camera

PhotoMath for Windows Phone 8

Not good at Math or just dislike it? .. PhotoMath can help you out.

Talk about Innovation and it’s hard to find but you will still come across it now and then. One such innovative app is PhotoMath present on both Windows Phone and iOS which uses your phones camera to solve maths equations. Yes you heard it right!

PhotoMath not only solves the equation but even presents you with step by step solution so as to get you better at problem solving.

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‘Telegram Messenger’ for Windows Phone gets a nifty update, adds new animations & extended emoji keyboard

Telegram Messenger Beta for Windows Phone image 3

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone picks up a decent update today bringing New Animations, Extended Emoji Keyboard & Fast Update on Start-up among other improvements.

Telegram is a preferred alternative of many due to its several features like it being Secure, ability to create Secret and Self destructive chats, ability to create groups with up to 200 people & ability to share videos of upto 1GB. That is some awesome features to have.

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‘Nokia Lumia’ is officially changing to ‘Microsoft Lumia’

Microsoft branding on Smartphones

After the Microsoft-Nokia deal went through in April 14, we have seen official statements that Microsoft will soon be doing away with the Nokia branding. We have also seen this happening in the recent past with most Nokia Apps like Nokia Creative Studio, Nokia Storyteller changing to Lumia Creative Studio, Lumia Storyteller etc. We also saw regional Nokia sites diverting users to Microsoft sites which means that branding change was do picking up pace.

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