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A new Software Update is rolling out to Lumia 525, 625 and 925 devices in India

Static IP on Lumia via Nokia update

Well it seems that Microsoft is rolling out a new firmware to a couple of Lumia devices in India. The devices receiving update include the Lumia 525, Lumia 625 and Lumia 925.

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Microsoft just bumped your OneDrive cloud storage by 15GB (how to get it?)

OneDrive free 15GB space

Addressing iPhone users in a blog post, the Microsoft OneDrive team has just bumped the OneDrive storage for all (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android & Windows) users by 15GB (15GB base + 15GB bonus). All you need to do is activate the auto-upload feature for your Camera roll anywhere between now and September end and the 15GB bonus will go live for you.

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Hike Messenger, Opera Mini Beta, Truecaller, Metrotube, Transfer my Data and FB Messenger for Windows Phone get updates

Metrotube, Hike, Messenger, Opera Mini, Truecaller and Transfer my Data for Windows Phone

The last couple of days saw many Windows Phone apps getting updated. Here are a few apps that got updates – Opera Mini Beta, Truecaller, Metrotube, Transfer my Data, Facebook Messenger and Hike Messenger.

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‘Xbox Music’ for Windows Phone 8.1 gets a new update, fixes unexpected app exits

Xbox Music in Windows Phone 8.1 Updaet

It’s time for one more update to Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8.1. To be specific, this is the 10th update of Xbox Music and we have seen the app improve gradually overtime especially after the last update which brought some significant speed improvements and added the Live Tile support among other improvements.

Today’s update is a bug fixing one with focus on quality improvements.

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Microsoft releases ‘Age of Empires: Castle Siege’ for Windows Phone devices

Age of Empires Castle Siege on Windows Phone 8

Announced a few weeks ago, ‘Age of Empires: Castle Siege‘ from Microsoft Studios has officially hit the Windows & Windows Phone Store. It’s a jackpot as the game supports 512MB RAM WP devices and if that’s not enough then it comes with Xbox Live integration too.

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‘Asphalt Overdrive’ coming soon to Windows Phone

Asphalt Overdrive for Windows Phone

Asphalt Overdrive, the first spin-off from the popular Asphalt Series would soon be making its way to the Windows Phone Store as a free game. Designed to be played in Portrait mode for short intense gaming sessions, Asphalt Overdrive offers a gameplay that resembles popular games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Minon Rush albeit with popular cars at the back.

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‘Terraria’ hits Windows Phone with Xbox Live support

Terraria on Windows Phone 8

Terraria, the hugely popular action-adventure indie video game has finally arrived on Windows Phone. Available on platforms like Windows, Play Station Network, Xbox Live, Android and iOS etc, the game is a huge hit world-wide with gameplay featuring exploration, crafting, construction and combat with variety of creatures in a randomly generated 2D world.

Terraria Gameplay video by Windows Phone Games

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Now convert pics in to editable Word & PowerPoint files with the latest ‘Office Lens’ update

Office Lens Word

Office Lens from Microsoft today gets one heck of an update. While Office Lens is already a great tool for capturing pictures of Whiteboards & Documents (more like a scanner in your pocket), today’s update adds the ability to convert the clicked pics in to editable Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

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‘Flipboard’ is secretly making its presence felt in Windows Phone Store; closer to launch than ever?

Flipboard for Windows Phone 8.1 image 3

Flipboard, the utterly popular magazine styled news reader is long due in the Windows Phone Store especially after having been announced a year back and still not findable anywhere.

This might change soon .. very very soon. Flipboard was recently noticed at Microsoft’s Berlin event, with it being shown prominently on the start screens of the press renders of the newly announced Lumia 730 and Lumia 830. While that was a good sign of the app coming soon, even more good is the app being already present in the store but just now downloable at the moment. yeah! (you read it right)

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Track your Data with ‘IE Data Savings’ app from Microsoft for Windows Phone

IE Data Savings for Windows Phone 8.1

With Internet Explorer on Windows Phone, you can browse web in an uncompromised manner and specifically so on Windows Phone 8.1 which has introduced several many new features and tricks. One of the feature that IE enjoys right from Windows Phone 8 is its integration with Data Sense. Data Sense on Windows Phone does the job of tracking your data usage & more and with IE, you can enable ‘Browser data savings’ to save on data. Windows Phone 8.1 saw an introduction of High Savings Mode.

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