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Is Microsoft really rolling-out the Lumia Denim firmware or is it just the OS update?

Lumia Denim Update really

I might have a bad news for all you Developer Preview users. It’s not that bad but yes may be bad. The news is that there may be nothing like ‘Lumia Denim (firmware)’ coming to your device.

You must already know that while Lumia Denim encompass the Windows Phone 8.1 Update (Update 1), it is more appropriately referred to as a Firmware update. So it used to be like OS update from Microsoft and Firmware update from Nokia (Amber, Black & Cyan) in the past.

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‘Lumia Denim’ rolling out to Verizon Lumia 822 & Lumia 929, Lumia Icon to get it in Jan 15

Lumia Denim for Verizon US

A rather pleasing news for the owners of Lumia 822 & Lumia 929 on Verizon as the much much awaited Denim update has just hit them. The devices get a step jump to Denim by-passing the Cyan update which Verizon failed to deliver due to some issues with its own apps & the Cyan update.

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Lumia Denim – Detailed roll-out status

Lumia Denim Update

Lumia Denim has been rolling across the world for couple of days now and I am sure many of you would be interested in the roll-out status of it. So below is a comprehensive status of Lumia Denim roll-out based on the official tracker from Microsoft.

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Welcome ‘Lumia’ Denim to India

Lumia Denim for Lumia 520 India

Yeah, finally Lumia Denim has hit the Indian shores and the first device to get it seems to be the coveted Lumia 520. We will continue to update the post as more devices start getting it.

For now its for the Lumia 520 owners to rejoice!

The first notification will be ‘Download Critical Update’. The size of the first update is 192MB.

Note – I can confirm that the update rolling out is OS update & the firmware i.e. Lumia Denim is yet to come. And yes DP devices are not getting any update as they already have the latest OS update.

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‘Lumia Denim’ roll-out begins in China

Lumia Denim Update

In a news of the day, Microsoft has started rolling the ‘Lumia Denim‘ update in China. Unlike a couple of devices, Lumia Denim is effectively rolling-out to Lumia 520/525/526/625/720/720T/1320 in China and that’s quite a lot of devices to start with.

This might very well be a test launch of the update, the way it happened with Lumia Cyan which initially began rolling out to Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 devices only & that too in specific regions at start.

All in all it’s a great start for a great update.

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‘Rdio’ for Windows Phone picks up a major update

Rdio for Windows Phone image 3

It seems to be Christmas already for Windows Phone fans as Official apps & significant app updates continue to hit the Windows Phone Store. The latest to join the party is Rdio with a major update to its app on Windows Phone after about a year. Rdio now uses the latest WP8.1 APIs and it’s glad to see it do so.

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Answer your calls, switch them to speaker mode & more with Gestures with ‘Gestures Beta’ from Microsoft Mobile

Gestures Beta for Windows Phone image 2

And here’s yet another cool addition from Nokia aka Microsoft Mobile for your Lumia Windows Phone devices. ‘Gestures Beta’ from Microsoft Mobile allows you to Answer your calls, switch them to speaker mode, mute the mic during a call and silence incoming calls with the help of Gestures without touching the display.

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‘Netflix’ for Windows Phone gets the long pending update & it’s Awesome!

Netflix for Windows Phone image 3

Having branded apps on a platform is an important thing and seeing them regularly update is another. It usually is the case where later happens rarely & mostly is a surprise.

Now surprises can sometime be too good and same is the case with the latest Netflix update for Windows Phone. The app had been dying for an update since many many months & it’s great on Netflix’s front to end the year in style and make Windows Phone users happy.

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Microsoft updates ‘Glance Screen’ with Lock-screen photo support

Glance Screen Background Photo

In a significant update rolling out to the already awesome Glance Screen on compatible Lumia Devices, Microsoft has added the functionality of setting your Lock-screen photo as Glance Screen Background.

This feature can be had by updating the Glace Screen to version while is live in the store right now. The nice touch being the ability to set Glance background as either Colour or Black & White. Read More…

‘OneDrive’ for Windows Phone picks up a major update, brings back the classic Metro UI, All Photos view & more

OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1

OneDrive team is continuously listening to your feedback and this update is a perfect example of it. The last update to OneDrive brought with itself some major UI changes & one which were not in favor of Windows Phone’s Metro style interface.

Today’s update changes that and Windows Phone users will be more than happy to see the swipey interface back, one that’s beautiful & utterly simple. Other improvements include introduction of All Photos view, Access to recyle bin and more. OneDrive keeps getting more functional with every update & I am loving it.

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