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Multiple Leaks Nokia Guru, Lumia 1520 with Nokia Treasure Tag & Lumia 1520 protective covers !

Nokia Guru, Nokia Treasure Tag and Lumia 1520 casings

As expected, multiple leaks pertaining to possible tomorrow launches (Nokia World Event) have happened today and man they cannot be missed. Check out.

Firstly its Nokia Guru the upcoming NFC enabled Bluetooth headset from Nokia. Will it make an appearance tomorrow ? .. yet to be seen however quite possible.

Nokia Guru 2013

Second its the render of Lumia 1520 side by side with Nokia Treasure Tag. Aint the 1520 looking gorgeous in yellow ?

Lumia 1520 with Nokia Treasure TagThird and the last, its the protective casing of Lumia 1520 cum Stand. Looks pretty cool !! .. Why not its a Nokia.

Lumia 1520 Protective Cover

Source  evleaks

In another news floating around, it is being claimed that the upcoming Lumia Bittersweet shimmer update will be renamed to Lumia Black (much like Lumia Amber).

Nokia also is feeling no short of confidence & will be sharing some great things with us tomorrow. Heres what they said today.

Are you ready for #NokiaWorld? Tomorrow, well share surprises, big, small and just right. http://nokia.ly/17EdgM2

Nokia World 2013 - Abu Dhabi

Are you excited for Nokia World 2013 tomorrow ? .. Man its going to rock. The event will go live 8.00 AM UK time on 22nd Oct (12.30 PM Indian time). Dont miss.

Cheers !

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