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Video (cum Rant) Hands-on with Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 video hands on

I was not really in right minds to post this video but I wanted all you out there to see the beast in action despite that its a proto device. The video comes from PhoneArena and I always kind of feel of them to be not happy with Windows Phone or Nokia.

Firstly they dont like the Hugeness of the device (fitting in the pocket) which is weird considering that there are so many huge smartphones out there was not that a problem till date ?

Then they talk about not being able to use the device one-handedly ofcourse I mean what do you expect of a 6 inch device ?

And lastly somewhere they talk about missing YouTube though they do mention the presence of MetroTube this actually makes me wonder now that WP has almost got all the major apps and some are in the making, it comes down to YouTube. This question should actually be asked to Google who have all this time refrained from bringing YouTube to Windows Phone and when Microsoft made their own app which was actually much better than any YouTube client out there on Android & iOS they sued them. Is Google really open source ? Is Googles attitude toward Windows Phone not a question ? Hey Google if you are listening lets play a fair game or are you actually buying time to make your lag-droid a little less laggy ?? .. Dont worry Microsoft will soon be out with an HTML5 version of your App.

Not being biased, PhoneArena did give credit to the other good points of the device which is appreciated.


Video by PhoneArena

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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