Nokia Lumia 520 (Image comparison) Default Camera vs Nokia Camera


Nokia officially made the Nokia Camera available for all Lumias yesterday and which meant some exciting photography for all you Lumia users.

To see the impact of Nokia Camera, I decided to do comparison of a few clicks of it with the default camera app. Lets check out.

Note All the pics below are taken on Auto settings.

Top Default Cam
Bottom Nokia Camera

Image 1



Image 2



Image 3



Image 4



Image 5



There you go.

I also did some analysis of 100% crops and found that Nokia Camera has better focus across the pic whereas the Default Cam has its focus more at the center. The colors are more nearer to real & sharpness definitely better with Nokia Camera.

100% Crops

Top Default Cam
Bottom Nokia Camera

Crop 1

Default Camera Crop 1

Nokia Camera Crop 1

Crop 2

Default Camera Crop 2

Nokia Camera Crop 2

One more good thing is Nokia Camera is a real comfort to use. The accessiblity of capture button with the thumb is a major plus. Hey did I forget the exhaustive Pro Cam settings ? :)


Download Nokia Camera Beta for all Lumias from Windows Phone Store below

Nokia Camera Beta for Windows Phone

Download from Windows Phone Store

What are your findings ?

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