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Nokia releases Treasure Tag app for Windows Phone, get ready for the uber-cool accessory (coming soon) !

Treasure Tag for Lumia Windows Phone

In current days, everybody wants their Smartphone to be a cool one .. one that they can easily show-off to their friends and so it can be a cool accessory too. Well not just a normal accessory but one that can you can easily track.

Yes, time is closing in for the launch of Treasure Tag. In case you dont know then Nokia is soon to launch an accessory named Treasure Tag which is basically a small Bluetooth device & can be attached to any of your precious belongings like Keys, Bags etc. Upon set-up (with the subject app), this accessory can then easily be tracked with your Lumia via HERE Maps in case you misplace it anywhere. Cool isnt it ?

Nokia Treasure Tag image 1

Nokia Treasure Tag image 2

Heres the know how

Whether you’ve lost your keys, misplaced your gym bag or forgotten what street you parked on, Nokia Treasure Tag helps you keep track of your belongings with intuitive visual and audio guidance.

Simply put tags on the things you treasure most and install this app on your phone. Now if you leave something behind, you’ll know where it is.

How it works:

  • Put Nokia Treasure Tags on your favorite belongings
  • Connect tags to your phone via Bluetooth Smart
  • Your phone alerts you if you’re about to leave something behind
  • Audio alerts mean you can use your phone to find a tag, or a tag to find your phone
  • Maps from HERE service and LiveSight-compatible phones let you use augmented reality to find your belongings
  • Pin your favorite tags to Start as live tiles for quick access and status updates

Nokia Treasure Tags require a Bluetooth Smart connection and a Nokia Lumia running the Lumia Black software update.

Download Nokia Treasure Tag from Windows Phone Store below.

Type Free
Size 4 MB
Works with WP8 (All devices)

Nokia Treasure Tag app for Windows Phone

Download from Windows Phone Store

Nokia Treasure Tag is expected to be released soon. Time to wait & watch. Heres what it will look like.

Lumia 1520 with Nokia Treasure Tag

Will you buy one to complement your Lumia ?

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