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Nokia Treasure Tag is now official never loose your favorite belongings again !

Nokia Treasure Tag for Windows Phone

If you have been following us then you would definitely know about Nokia Treasure Tag, the much awaited smart little accessory from Nokia. Nokia pulled the wraps-off Treasure Tag a few days back announcing its availability worldwide starting Apr 14.

Nokia Treasure Tag measuring at 30 x 30 x 10 mm is a Bluetooth accessory which you can attach to any of your favorite belongings (viz. keys, bags, wallets etc) and which can be paired to your Smartphone via Bluetooth/NFC.

Nokia Treasure Tag

Once paired, you will be asked to download the app from Store. Treasure Tag (vice-verse your Phone) would present you with a loud beep/tone when you leave either of the two behind keeping you alerted of your belongings. This way you will never ever be separated from your favorite stuff.

In case you miss the alert and the two (accessory & phone) get far away from each other, you can easily track the Tag on HERE Maps. (cool .. pretty cool !)

At a time, you can connect/pair 4 different Tags to your Lumia. You can even pin each of the Tags (say Keys or Bags) to your Start-screen as tiles making them easier for you to track.

Nokia Treasure Tag is powered by standard CMOS battery (CR-2032) with a battery life of 6 months & one that easily be replaced at the back of Tag. Nokia Treasure Tag will come in 4 different colors viz. Cyan, Yellow, White and Black and will retail at a price of approx USD 30.

Nokia Treasure Tag will work with all Lumia Smartphones having the Lumia Black update & is powered with Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth smart). It will also support iOS and Android devices via 3rd part apps.

This is one more cool innovation from Nokia .. Cheers !

Source Nokia Conversations

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