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Microsoft rebrands its Bing Suite of apps to MSN on Windows Phone (& Windows 8.1)

MSN launch

MSN from Microsoft is back and its new form is taking over the Web and Windows & Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Earlier this month, we saw a new avatar of MSN (msn.com) under preview and now that new avatar is officially rolling to more than 425 million people in over 50 countries around the world that come to the site each month. Windows & Windows Phone 8.1 device on the other side are seeing their Bing suite of apps getting converted to MSN ones.

The new MSN is completely built from the ground up on Azure to provide massive, cost-effective scale (with more than 30,000 Azure cores for serving and 100 Terabytes of storage), reliability, and ongoing agility for a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Every single line of code was re-written to ensure that you have one consistent experience regardless of whether you are accessing your stocks in MSN Money, your favorite sports teams in MSN Sports, or your recipe collections in MSN Food & Drink. All of those experiences will always be with you across your devices.

As mentioned the Bing suite of apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 are getting converted to MSN ones. Worthy to mention is that Bing Finance will be renamed to MSN Money, whereas rest all apps will see Bing getting changed to MSN with their original names remaining the same.

However thats just not it, alongside the rebranding are the updates rolling to Health & Fitness and Weather apps on Windows Phone. The new updates upgrades the lockscreen experience to present you with minute-by-minute weather statuses from the Weather app or details pertaining to the number of steps taken via the pedometer and GPS tracker in the Health and Fitness App (for Lumia 630, 1520 & 635).

MSN apps update

Grab updates to all the Bing apps for your Windows Phone from below

MSN News

MSN Travel

MSN Food & Drink

MSN Health & Fitness

MSN Weather

MSN News

MSN Sports

MSN Money

Whats your take on the new MSN branding?

Source Microsoft Blog

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