Lumia Denim brings Audio Equalizer & Virtual Surround to Lumia 630/635 devices


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We all know the rather generic change-log of Lumia Denim (+ Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1) which Microsoft has been rolling for more than a month now. However those Denim firmwares do carry some device specific enhancements .. like in case of Lumia 535, MS has been trying to fix the touch issue or you can even think of Lumia Camera 5.0 which came as part of Denim Update to Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon & Lumia 1520.

Just like that, the hugely popular Lumia 630/Lumia 635 devices are being greeted with Audio Equalizer & Virtual Surround as part of the Denim update.

Heres how the Audio settings would look on Lumia 630 with Cyan Update


And now Lumia 630 with Denim Update

Lumia 630 Audio Equalizer in Denim Update

Thats one major addition in to the kitty of hugely popular Lumia 630/635. And yes, the same shall come to Lumia 638 too.

Virtual Surround first made appearance with Lumia 730 & its good to see Microsoft rolling out the same feature to other popular Lumia devices too.

Could you find Audio Equalizer & Virtual Surround on your Lumia 630/635 with Denim Update? Share with us in the comments section below.

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3 responses to “Lumia Denim brings Audio Equalizer & Virtual Surround to Lumia 630/635 devices”

  1. ricky thakur says :

    Why apple 🍎 iPhone is number one in music why not Nokia .those people purchase Nokia or Microsoft Lumia phone they are foolish they waste of money .i hate Nokia or Microsoft phone because very low sound in headfine earphones very very low 535 audio quality db is very poor .if you campare iPhone music or Lumia music .iphone music is number one in India or world every indian people wants iPhone but iPhone is very costly phone every indian not purchase


  2. Gowri Shankar S says :

    hi just came to know that denim update would never make it to lumia 638 in india. As tweeted by microsoft india

    [sigh] was glad that equalizer would come and now no more Wonder why lumia 638 is the only device in india without denim. Waste of buying this..


    • jills4824 says :

      Rest assured .. nothing to worry.
      They might directly roll the next version of update i.e. Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (coupled with Denim) and in worst case scenario you would directly get Windows 10 update


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