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Video First look at USB OTG & 4 Coloumn Tiles in Windows 10 for Phone (Windows 10 Mobile)

Windows 10 for Phone USB OTG demo

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The technology giant Microsoft has been hard at work for couple of years with a vision thats now called Windows 10 where everything from Phone, PC, Tablets, Consoles etc merge in to a single ecosystem, where apps made once run on every & any product powered by Windows 10 right till the radical tech of HoloLens, where the experience across the product range will be very similar and lot more.

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Nokia Treasure Tag is now official never loose your favorite belongings again !

Nokia Treasure Tag for Windows Phone

If you have been following us then you would definitely know about Nokia Treasure Tag, the much awaited smart little accessory from Nokia. Nokia pulled the wraps-off Treasure Tag a few days back announcing its availability worldwide starting Apr 14.

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Nokia releases Treasure Tag app for Windows Phone, get ready for the uber-cool accessory (coming soon) !

Treasure Tag for Lumia Windows Phone

In current days, everybody wants their Smartphone to be a cool one .. one that they can easily show-off to their friends and so it can be a cool accessory too. Well not just a normal accessory but one that can you can easily track.

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Nokia BH-121 goes official an awesomely looking Bluetooth Stereo Headset !

Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Nokia today officially unveiled the previously leaked Nokia Guru as Nokia BH-121 and as predicted it turns out to be an NFC enabled beautifully looking Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

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Video A look at the Protective Flip Cover CP-623 from Nokia for Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia CP-623 Protective Flip Cover

WPC has done a nice little video of the Protective Cover CP-623 from Nokia for its latest flagship Lumia 1520 and is worth looking at. This Nokia Accessory can be had in 4 colors viz. Red, Yellow, White & Black.

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Multiple Leaks Nokia Guru, Lumia 1520 with Nokia Treasure Tag & Lumia 1520 protective covers !

Nokia Guru, Nokia Treasure Tag and Lumia 1520 casings

As expected, multiple leaks pertaining to possible tomorrow launches (Nokia World Event) have happened today and man they cannot be missed. Check out.

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Nokias Treasure Tag accessory leaks .. looks cool !

Nokia Treasure Tag

Details on the Treasure Tag accessory from Nokia have leaked in the past & I would once again like to go through them.

Nokia is actually working on a Bluetooth accessory called ‘Treasure Tag’, the purpose of which is to track valuable things like say for eg. Your Car Keys & prevent them from losing. The accessory pairs with your Lumia via NFC & makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 which will be getting enabled on all Lumia WP8 devices (with Amber update while if this has happened is not yet known but was rumored earlier).

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Nokia working on Treasure Tag accessory will prevent your keys from losing ever again !

Nokia 'Treasure Tag' accessory coming soon

Yes this was rumored earlier but now it kind of gets confirmed. Its a pretty cool thing under wraps at Nokia.

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Video (must watch) Indepth hands-on of the Camera on Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 indepth video on Camera

Today Nokia set history by launching its 1st Lumia with 41 MP Camera coupled with 2nd Generation OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) i.e. the Nokia Lumia 1020.

As you read it, the device is very much camera centric & features the most advanced Camera technology seen in a Smartphone today. It would be injustice if we deprive you of any Camera related thing today & so below is an in-depth hands-on of the camera on Nokia Lumia 1020 (Nokia Pro Cam).

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Video (Accessories) Nokia CC-1043 Yellow & Grey Case for Lumia 920, a perfect fit !

Nokia CC-1043 Yellow & Grey Case

With great powers come great responsibility & that what lies on the shoulders of Nokia CC-1043 Case ..:) Just Kidding !

But we know there are so many Lumia 920 owners out there looking for a perfect casing for their phone & this video might just help them decide.

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