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Video The lovely Lumia 730 Ad from Microsoft India

Nokia Lumia 730 Advertisement India

Yes, we are back or shall I say I. Got entangled in some personal work and health was a bit plus and minus.

This was on my mind for quite some time and finally am able to share this beautiful Ad of Lumia 730 with you. I really like this advertisement of Lumia 730 and more than it I really love the device itself. Sadly enough I dont own one.

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In Love with this Video Catz using Lumia 930

Lumia 930 and Cats

If there is anything that people like the most on Internet then its CATS and when you have those CATS using a Lumia, you can only fall in Love. Check out this fan made video by Mia Mullarkey filmed entirely on the Nokia Lumia 930 for the SMW Creative Contest, in partnership with Microsoft.

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(Video) Nokia Lumia 930 One experience. Windows on your phone.

Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia has just released a promo of the about to be released Lumia flagship Nokia Lumia 930. The promo talks about the One Windows experience with Windows on your Phone (and of course PCs and Tablets).

Catch the Promo after the break

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Lana Jurcevic the sizzling Nokia brand ambassador from Croatia

Lana Jurcevic Nokia

You probably would not know much about Lana Jurcevic but she is one heck of a beauty from Croatia & a Nokia brand ambassador too. She is a singer cum song writer with many albums to her name.

Heres how Wiki puts it

Lana Jurčević (born November 7, 1984) is a singer-songwriter born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her self-titled debut album was released in 2003, with all of the songs on the album written by Milana Vlaović. In her young career she has already worked with Milana Vlaović, Nikša Bratoš, Ante Pecotić, Muc Softić and Severina, with whom she sang a duet called Rodjena da budem prva. Along with her musical career, she is also student of journalism in Zagreb, where she resides today.

If I have to compare then she is much similar to Priyanka Chopra from India in her profile. The way you would see Nokia phones appear in Priyankas albums, in a similar way you would see Lana endorsing Nokia phones.

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Video Nokia Lumia 630 cool Football Ad !

Nokia Lumia 630 Cool Football Ad

Nokia has teamed up with Finnish Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen in its latest Ad, which shows-off some cool trick shots by Lassi to get rid of older (read Competitors ;)) phones. Of-course as always with Nokia, there is a colory surprise at the end.

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Nokia releases Treasure Tag app for Windows Phone, get ready for the uber-cool accessory (coming soon) !

Treasure Tag for Lumia Windows Phone

In current days, everybody wants their Smartphone to be a cool one .. one that they can easily show-off to their friends and so it can be a cool accessory too. Well not just a normal accessory but one that can you can easily track.

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Video A trip to the park (with Nokia Lumia 2520)

Nokia Lumia 2520 promo

Its always good to have a look at promo videos and todays one is a pretty neat one from Nokia. At the center stage is Nokias Tablet, the Lumia 2520 and the Ad foucuses on its exceptional ability t0 perform well in bright sunlight.

A simple and a very well thought-of Ad.

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Games Rail Rush from Miniclip hits Windows Phone Store as promised .. Its free & awesome !

Rail Rush for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Yesterday Nokia World saw around 20+ apps making appearance on to Windows Phone either coming soon or available. Few among them were games and one among them was the popular Rail Rush game from developer Miniclip. And it happens that the game has made an appearance on Windows Phone Store today & is available for all WP devices for free.

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Video A fly on the wall in Cupertino? (Microsofts take on Apples September event)

Microsoft takes on Apple in a new Ad

Ok ! so everybody had their slice on Apples new iPhones (5S & 5C) except Microsoft and here they are .. on what they think about Apples latest stuff-vuff.

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Video (hilarious) Microsoft is back with Dont fight. Switch. version 2 .. Awesome !

Don't fight. Switch. Ad from Microsoft

Hilarious once more.

Microsoft is back once again with the new Dont fight. Switch promotion & guess who takes the center stage this time ? .. Yea yea your pretty beloved Nokia Lumia 1020:) !

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