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Wishes for a happening 2014 to all the readers of NokiaTheOne !

Happy New Year 2014 image 2

As 2013 end, we wish all the readers of NokiaTheOne and all the lovers of Nokia and Windows Phone a very happy & an awesome New Year.

May this 2014 fulfill all your wishes and may you get the Nokia/WP you always desired ;) .. As always keep rocking and continue to have fun !

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Merry Xmas and Seasons Greetings to all the readers of NokiaTheOne .. Keep rocking !

Merry Christmas

How cool this is .. we all follow separate religions, we all have our styles, we all celebrate different festivals (etc) yet above all We are united by all things Nokia :) !

Today is yet another auspicious day & I, Jill Dasani on behalf of NokiaTheOne wish all the readers a very Happy, Awesome & Superb Christmas festival. Have fun & keep rocking !

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Happy Diwali from India to all NokiaTheOne readers out there :)

Kandil - Lantern Diwali 2013

Heartfelt wishes on this auspicious occasion of Diwali festival to all NokiaTheOne readers out there. May God bless you with all the goodness & may all your expectations be fulfilled.

Our blog has got variety of followers from across the globe & I will take this opportunity to explain about the Diwali Festival in brief.

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Good News is now ! :)


Hey Guys,

One of your favorite blogs has just turned a little older but shorter with its new name/domain which is now

Nothing has changed except for the name/domain as any clicks on the older address will be diverted to the new one. Also intact are your Facebook Likes & your following on Twitter or the Blog itself.

Wish us good luck in this adventure of ours. We will ensure that you get the bestest of Nokia news from us.
Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

Cheers !!


Happy Valentines Day to all Readers !

Valentines wishes from NokiaTheOne

Valentines Day wishes to all readers from NokiaTheOne.

Valentines wishes from NokiaTheOne

Enjoy the day with your loved ones !!!!!!!!!!!
And yeah remember your 2nd love is Nokia :).

Hahaha .. Enjoy, have a good one.
Cheers !!

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NokiaTheOne sees 10,000 hits !


Hey Guys .. Good morning.

Today is a wonderful day for all of us, as NokiaTheOne has just crossed 10,000 hits since its inception. 1st Post was posted on 30th Oct 2012 & its almost exactly 3 months now.

I know this might not be a big number as many other popular blogs does the same in a couple of days but I was very passionate about Nokia & wanted to do something for it. 10,000 hits is something very significant & I really feel proud of it.

I know there are many of you who regularly visit us & I am very thankful to you.
All of us together make NokiaTheOne what it is. Very proud of you all.

I would like to share some facts & figures with you today as I am very fond of it :)

  • NokiaTheOne has got hits from all-round the world & heres the representation

NokiaTheOne Top 15 CountriesNokiaTheOne hits Graphical

  • Trend of Hits month-wise

NokiaTheOne Month-wise Graphical

  • Trend of Posts month-wise

NokiaTheOne Month-wise Graphical Posts
I once again thank all of your for being a part of NokiaTheOne.

Keep on visiting .. Cheers !!
We are always open to suggestions .. Do let us know if you have got anything on your mind.

Happy 2013 to all our Readers !

HNY 2013 New1

That was fast :) .. 2012 went in a Blink !

Heres wishing all our Readers a Very Very Happy & a Prosperous New Year.

May 2013 bring all the Colors of Lumia in your Life :) :) & some Lumias too :)

HNY 2013 New1

Cheers to 2013 & Nokia !!!!!!!!!!!

NokiaTheOne is here for you guys .. Keep on visiting us !!!

Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings from NokiaTheOne !

1366_Decorated Christmas Tree

Hey Guys,

Wish you all a very Happy Christmas !! .. May you & your Family have a wonderful time ahead.


Once again Seasons Greetings from NokiaTheOne .. & hope you get your Lumia in your favorite color soon :)

Cheers !!!

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