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Bigger just got Better ! Nokia Lumia 1520 launched in India, priced at Rs. 46,999.

Nokia Lumia 1520 video hands on

The God of Windows Phones just hit India shores. Join your hands in welcoming the Bigger & Better, the all new Nokia Lumia 1520. It cant get bolder than this ! Check out.

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Nokia India sends invite for something BIG this Dec 16 ! (Read Lumia 1520 & Lumia 1320)

Nokia Lumia 1520 India

If you are one of those residing in India and are in love with Nokias Lumia series then get ready for something BIG this Dec 16th. Yes, the two big guys Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 are officially coming to India !

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Nokia Lumia 525 goes official, packs 1GB RAM with a pricing of 200 USD !

Nokia Lumia 525 image

Rumored for quite a time now, the Nokia Lumia 525 has just gone official. Nokia Lumia 520 is already is a huge hit world-wide and Nokia just wants to take that further with Lumia 525.

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Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows 8.1 RT Tablet

Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

Yesterday Nokia made forays for the first time in to two new categories and one among those and the highly anticipated by many was the Tablet category.

Yes Nokia finally unveiled its first Tablet yesterday in the form of Lumia 2520 running Windows 8.1 RT .. so how does it separate out from other tablets in the market. Lets check out.

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Nokia announces Lumia 1520 & Lumia 1320 large screen WP8 devices !

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia took a bold step today by venturing in to a new category of devices by launching the big screened Lumia 1520 & Lumia 1320 Windows Phone 8 powered devices.

While a multitude of leaks pertaining to the above devices have already happened, its always good to see them go official. Lets check out.

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Nokia makes a Colorful Splash with Asha devices, launches Asha 500, 502 & 503 .. adds Whatsapp too !


Todays Nokia World event was one hell of an information containing event & I have decided to break it in to several few posts starting with the introduction of new Ashas.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 arrives in Dubai from Sky !

Nokia Lumia 1020 launches in Dubai

Now thats a pretty unique way to mark an arrival of a phone.

Nokia UAE delivered its first consignment of Nokia Lumia 1020 via a Sky Dive on to Palm Jumeirah capturing the entire act with none other than a Lumia 1020.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 launched in India .. comes with a free year long insurance !

Nokia Lumia 1020 India Launch

The 41MP monster from Nokia has officially hit Indian shores. The launch event was scheduled in New Delhi yesterday i.e. 26th Sept with the device availability date slated as 11th Oct 2013. Pricing is yet to be announced & Nokia seems to be taking its time. It is said that the pricing will be revealed a day earlier of its availability i.e. 10th Oct 2013.

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Nokia holding a media briefing event in India on 26th Sept .. will launch Nokia Lumia 1020 !

Nokia India 26th Sept press invite

Nokia India is sending out press invites to media & bloggers about a media briefing event scheduled on 26th Sept. The event will see the much awaited Nokia Lumia 1020 launch in India & I am feeling jealous of the guys who would be getting to see & review it one to one :).

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Nokia schedules event on 22nd Oct reiterates we never stop innovating

Nokia event on 22nd Oct

Several leaks of Nokia Phablet aka Lumia 1520, Sirius tablet, earlier rumors of 26th Sept event, then the rumors of delay in launch & finally Nokia has confirmed 22nd Oct to be the date.

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