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Nokia updates its HERE suite of apps on Windows Phone with stability improvements & fixes

HERE suite for Windows Phone

Nokia is rolling out an update to its HERE suite of apps viz. HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit & HERE City Lens on Windows Phone. The update is all about stability improvements & fixes.

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Microsoft releases People Sense app as SquadWatch for Windows Phone

SquadWatch for Windows Phone image 4

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The recently detailed app Buddy Aware which was also referred to as People Sense has now been released by Microsoft as SquadWatch as part of the Microsoft Garage Project.

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HERE apps suite for Windows Phone updated, adds voice-guided navigation for 18 new Countries

HERE Maps for Windows Phone image 1

Good news for all you Windows Phone users out there. Nokia is rolling out an update to its HERE suite of apps on Windows Phone which comprises of HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit & HERE City Lens. There are a couple of good improvements which this update is bringing. Lets have a look at them below.

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HERE Maps comes to Samsung Galaxy Smartphones as exclusive, will expand to other OSs/devices in future

HERE Maps for Samsung Android devices image 1

Thats one big news. The ultra superior HERE Maps will soon be making its way to the Google Play Store as Samsung Android exclusive, to be more specific Samsung Galaxy Smartphones exclusive (no tablet support as yet).

On its official HERE 360 blog, Nokia made this news official. The app will soon be available for download from Google Play Store for all Galaxy Smartphones. Actually the real story revolves around the launch of Samsung Gear S (Smartwatch powered by Tizen) which went official the past Thursday (28th) and is powered by Maps from Nokia i.e. HERE.

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Nokia releases Treasure Tag app for Windows Phone, get ready for the uber-cool accessory (coming soon) !

Treasure Tag for Lumia Windows Phone

In current days, everybody wants their Smartphone to be a cool one .. one that they can easily show-off to their friends and so it can be a cool accessory too. Well not just a normal accessory but one that can you can easily track.

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Microsoft invests $15 Million into Foursquare, get ready for smart search results on your Windows Phone

Foursquare and Microsoft

After the first big announcement of Satya Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft, the next major announcement came of Microsoft investing $15 Million into the location based social networking service Foursquare indicating how Microsoft is serious about bringing location-based enhancements to its products.

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Nokia updates HERE Maps content worldwide, heres how to get it.

HERE Maps update WP8

Nokias unique offline navigation solution HERE Maps powers all Lumia Windows Phone devices & is tightly integrated all through out. Since its offline, the Maps are already on your device (if you have downloaded them) and you can access them even if you are not in the range of your network unlike Google Maps which needs data connection continuously to work.

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HERE Drive & HERE Drive+ gets real time traffic updates plus more !

HERE Drive & HERE Drive+ for Windows Phone

Nokia released significant updates for both HERE Drive & HERE Drive+ today bringing real time traffic updates complemented by the ability to find your parked car using LiveSight or Maps.

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Updating HERE Maps post Amber update !

HERE Maps Amber Update

Lumia Amber brought with itself a very nifty feature of updating the pre-loaded HERE Maps on your Lumia device in a new way. Unlike previously where you had to download the maps entirely for any updates .. post Amber update the process has been made very easy & effective by Nokia where you just need to download the added updates rather than the whole map.

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Update HERE Maps data updated with More details, more map features & broader coverage


Getting right & accurate map data always is an uphill task & more so due to its Dynamic nature but Nokia is one of those companies that prefer to not look back & keep on going.

Nokia considers todays HERE Map Update a significant milestone & here is what they say about it

Today’s update to our street maps for Windows Phone 8 and is a significant milestone on that never-ending journey. With the previous update we got even more precise in how we represent the world. And with our latest map updates we are getting far more detailed with more map features and broader coverage.

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