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Leaks Lumia 1525 & 2520 set their sight on T-Mobile .. may come soon

Nokia Lumia 1520

After Lumia 635, it seems that yet another Lumia is set to join the gang at the US carrier T-Mobile. This time around its a niche device in the form of Lumia 1525. The info comes from leakster evleaks and can be easily trusted.

Considering that there have been no leaks pertaining to Lumia 1525, one can safely assume it to be the orginal Lumia 1520 with slight modifications. If this info turns out to be true then it would be a bliss for T-Mobile users, especially those waiting to upgrade from the current Lumia 925 or the new owners who have been waiting for a real Lumia flagship.

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Video Hands-on with Nokia Lumia Icon

Nokia Lumia Icon video hands-on

Nokia Lumia Icon went official two days back & its always good to see the device in action. How about an official hands-on from Nokia US ?

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Nokia Lumia Icon goes official, hitting stores this 20th at $199 contract price !

Nokia Lumia Icon now official

Nokia Lumia Icon is finally a reality today as the device has now gone official. Nokia Lumia Icon will be available from 20th Feb for Verizon users in US at a contract price of $199.

Nokia Lumia Icon is basically Lumia 1520 fitted in that 5 inch shell and design reminiscent of Verizon. The screen size of 5 inch is its biggest plus point supported by all the high end specs one would die for.

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Good bye SkyDrive .. Welcome OneDrive !

One Drive for your Windows devices

Its time for a change, Microsofts Cloud Storage application so far known as SkyDrive will now onwards be known as OneDrive. The change comes in view of a lawsuit filed by Sky Broadcasting Group over the use of word Sky which infringes with their trademark. The result is OneDrive.

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Nokia announces sales of Lumia 1320, begins with China (more Countries to follow) !

Nokia Lumia 1320 image 1

Nokia has officially announced the sales of Lumia 1320 beginning with China yesterday (i.e. 27 Dec 13) and countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and more will follow soon. I would also like to add that India is also on the list for Jan 14 release.

The device made an appearance alongside Lumia 1520 at the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi in Oct 13 and is an ideal upgrade for those looking for big screen devices at an affordable price.

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Bigger just got Better ! Nokia Lumia 1520 launched in India, priced at Rs. 46,999.

Nokia Lumia 1520 video hands on

The God of Windows Phones just hit India shores. Join your hands in welcoming the Bigger & Better, the all new Nokia Lumia 1520. It cant get bolder than this ! Check out.

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Video Watch how Nokia Lumia 1520 topples Google Nexus 5 in almost every aspect

Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Google Nexus 5 Video

Heres a neat comparison by PhoneArena of Nokia Lumia 1520 with Google Nexus 5.

Almost every aspect of the device is compared and without any doubts Lumia 1520 tops most of them. However I kind of disagree with certain things on Camera front and so do the reviews.

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Nokia Lumia 929 leaks once again user gets hold of it in Mexico

Nokia Lumia 929 Verizon new leak

Another much awaited device from Nokia after Lumia 1520 is none other than the Lumia 929. Now infact Lumia 929 is specific to Verizon in US but there is a rumor that a global version of it is in the works.

That said, interestingly a user in Mexico has been able to purchase a Lumia 929 (which though can be a proto too) & has posted some pics of it. It is running on the latest Windows Phone version aka GDR3/Update 3 .. version 8.0.10501.127.

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Video A look at the Protective Flip Cover CP-623 from Nokia for Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia CP-623 Protective Flip Cover

WPC has done a nice little video of the Protective Cover CP-623 from Nokia for its latest flagship Lumia 1520 and is worth looking at. This Nokia Accessory can be had in 4 colors viz. Red, Yellow, White & Black.

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Video (cum Rant) Hands-on with Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 video hands on

I was not really in right minds to post this video but I wanted all you out there to see the beast in action despite that its a proto device. The video comes from PhoneArena and I always kind of feel of them to be not happy with Windows Phone or Nokia.

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