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Microsoft unveils its first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller Store in India

Microsoft Priority Reseller India image 1

After acquiring & closing the Nokia deal almost a year ago, Microsoft has started with its Store re-branding exercise & has launched its first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller Store in Gurgaon, India today. The store was unveiled by Chris Weber, CVP, Mobile Device Sales at Microsoft.

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Nokia updates its HERE suite of apps on Windows Phone with stability improvements & fixes

HERE suite for Windows Phone

Nokia is rolling out an update to its HERE suite of apps viz. HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit & HERE City Lens on Windows Phone. The update is all about stability improvements & fixes.

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Nokia/Microsoft Mobile continues its rise in Customer Satisfaction as Apple drops

ACSI for Cellular Telephones 2014 image 1

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The American Customer Satisfaction Indices are out and there is some great news for the Windows Phone fans out there or shall I rather say Nokia/Microsoft Mobile fans out there.

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McLaren is not coming but some of its features may arrive with Windows 10 for Phone

Lumia McLaren image 14

Yes the purported Lumia flagship called McLaren with 3D touch which Microsoft had been readying for the Holiday season is cancelled. This is not a news, it has already made headlines on the web couple of times in the past.

But I had to remind this myself time and again because lately new images of McLaren have been doing rounds quite frequently. Is Microsoft wanting the fans to hang-on to Windows Phone with these teasers? . Who knows?

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The wait is over Candy Crush Saga arrives on Windows Phone

Candy Crush Saga for Windows Phone 8

I may be using double quotation for the first time in a title and I am completely in my senses to do so. No I am not mad after Candy Crush Saga but yes many out there would not switch to Windows Phone just for a simple reason that Candy Crush Saga is not present on Windows Phone and and and that changes today!

Peoples favorite & one of the most most awaited game CANDY CRUSH SAGA is now on Windows Phone.

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HERE apps suite for Windows Phone updated, adds voice-guided navigation for 18 new Countries

HERE Maps for Windows Phone image 1

Good news for all you Windows Phone users out there. Nokia is rolling out an update to its HERE suite of apps on Windows Phone which comprises of HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit & HERE City Lens. There are a couple of good improvements which this update is bringing. Lets have a look at them below.

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(Update) Lumia Denim tentative roll-out schedule for India

Lumia Denim

Update 1 (18th Dec 14) Lumia Denim is now officially rolling out in China, Europe & India. Check the below links.



Update Unfortunately the below information could not be verified & you can consider it as rather unuseful. However this does not mean that Lumia Denim update wont arrive in December, it shall come .. definitely come!

Yes, I know many of you guys are waiting desperately for Lumia Denim to roll-out especially those who are not a part of Developer Preview program.

For those of who you dont know, Lumia Denim along with some Lumia specific experiences will bring the goodies associated with Windows Phone 8.1 Update (Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1). You can read about Lumia Denim and Windows Phone 8.1 Update at below link

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AdDuplex Nov 14 Stats WP8.1 leads, Lumia 630/635 gain dominance and 4 new Lumia devices spotted

AdDuplex Windows Phone Stats Nov 14

AdDuplex stats for the month of Nov 14 are out and as expected Lumia 630/635 furthers its popularity and Windows Phone 8.1 share now tops WP8 & WP7 combined.

The rather important thing for Lumia fans is the spotting of 4 new Lumia devices but none being a flagship.

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Video The lovely Lumia 730 Ad from Microsoft India

Nokia Lumia 730 Advertisement India

Yes, we are back or shall I say I. Got entangled in some personal work and health was a bit plus and minus.

This was on my mind for quite some time and finally am able to share this beautiful Ad of Lumia 730 with you. I really like this advertisement of Lumia 730 and more than it I really love the device itself. Sadly enough I dont own one.

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Video (Awesome!) Binaural Recording with Microsoft Lumia 930

Microsoft Lumia Make It Happen

In the below video from Microsoft, true recording prowess of Lumia 930 is on display featuring the Binaural Recording capability, courtesy its 4 HAAC Microphones.

The 3D Sound its awesome by the way!

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