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The awesome camera on Microsoft Lumia 640 .. Totally! (samples)

Rich Capture OFF

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Microsoft will soon be unveiling the Lumia 640 in India and in fact the launch date is that of tomorrow i.e. 7th Apr. Along side Lumia 640, Microsoft will also unveil the Lumia 640 XL. Both these device made appearance at the MWC and are carrying some awesome specs.

Specs aside, the name Lumia is pretty synonymous with a great camera in India & worldwide. People know that a Lumia phone will undoubtedly have a great camera & the same is also true of Lumia 640 (& also Lumia 640 XL).

A bit of Edit Note You must know that Lumia 640 & Lumia 640 XL will be the first non-PureView phones to feature the Lumia Camera 5.0 which is currently only available for Lumia 830, 930, Icon & 1520.

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New Windows 10 for Phone screenshots reveal LED Notifications support, UI improvements & more

Windows 10 for Phone build 8.15.12521 image 20

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A new build of Windows 10 for Phone has leaked online in the form of Screenshots revealing some interesting features. The leaked build 8.15.12521 brings to fore upcoming features like LED Notifications support (for devices Lumia 730/735 & Lumia 930), new improved User Interface and gives a glimpse of how things are changing in Windows 10 for Phone.

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Screenshots of Windows 10 for Phones leak in numbers (33 images) (Technical Preview)

Keyboard in Windows 10 for Phone image 1

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Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones started seeding to internal testers at Microsoft on 4th of Feb and as expected screenshots of the same now have started appearing on the Web.

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Imaging Shoot-out Nokia Lumia 830 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920 image 28

So I was able to get my hands on this beauty called Lumia 830 in Orange color today and was really impressed by its looks and design. The first impressions being a Lumia 920 owner were its tall, beautiful and slim .. the processing is fast and display is fantastic.

Microsoft refers to Lumia 830 as its budget flagship as for the first time it brings features like PureView Imaging with OIS, In-built Wireless Charging, ability to record videos in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and a Premium design to the mid-range segment. More imaging improvements like Moment Capture, Rich Capture (Auto HDR & Dynamic Flash), Improved shooting speeds and next generation of image processing algorithms are expected with the upcoming Lumia Camera update.

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Nokia Lumia 730 Camera Samples

Nokia Lumia 730 Selfie Phone

Nokia Lumia 730 is the latest addition to the next generation set of Lumias with USP of it being its 5MP Front facing Full HD camera coupled with a very competitive pricing of around 250 USD. It is being prom0ted as the ultimate Selfie device & has all the potential of becoming the next hot-selling Lumia.

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Lumia 830 leaks in 13 new pics ahead of launch

Nokia Lumia 830 pic 6

Today saw yet another leak of Lumia 830 and its all in pics. No more talking this time, check the pics below!

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Nokia Lumia 930 When class meets style !

Nokia Lumia 930 image 1

Of-course Nokia Lumia 930 is nothing but the highly desirable Lumia Icon but it has one thing that make it flare and its those Colored backs. Lumia Icon has the persona of a classy person which met that cool looking guy called Lumia 930.

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Nokia Lumia 520 (Image comparison) Default Camera vs Nokia Camera


Nokia officially made the Nokia Camera available for all Lumias yesterday and which meant some exciting photography for all you Lumia users.

To see the impact of Nokia Camera, I decided to do comparison of a few clicks of it with the default camera app. Lets check out.

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One image many Stories ! (Nokia Refocus in action)

Nokia Refocus Collage

I dont hold a DSLR nor a Digi-Cam but I hold the powerful Nokia Lumia 920 !
A year old phone still living up to the expectations of future one thats carved by Nokia.

Nokia is none to next when it comes to Imaging & Nokia Refocus is a perfect example of it.

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Nokia Lumia 929 pictured looks a beauty, specs revealed too !

Nokia Lumia 929 pics 1

We have been hearing about Nokia Lumia 929 for quite a time now. If you are not in touch then Nokia Lumia 929 is the upcoming Lumia flagship destined for Verizon Wireless US.

In a latest, some beautiful looking pictures of Lumia 929 have been revealed by WPC. Check them out below and yes dont forget to peep in to the specs of the device at bottom.

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