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Rumor squashed No Windows 10 for Phones on 4th Feb

Windows 10 for Phone not on 4th Feb

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You would have heard of a rumor that stated that the first build of Windows 10 for Phones would go live on 4th Feb. We never reported about this as there was no confirmation and it was too too early for Windows 10 for Phones to arrive.

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Mini Lumia 1520 emerges ?

Mini Lumia 1520

Take this with a pinch of salt of-course.

While many are still drooling about the recently released Lumia 1520, there is already a rumor on the door and hey its the mini Lumia 152o .. like it ?

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Rumor Official Instagram app on its way to Windows Phone Store .. might hit as early as today !

Instagram for Windows Phone 8

Get your boots on because if the hints floating around are to be looked & believed at then the official Instagram app could hit the Windows Phone Store as early as today.

Not only this, the store link of the app is also believed to be ready & can be found below. Mind you that you wont find anything on the link as of now as the app is yet to go officially Live !

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Nokias first Windows Phone 8.1 handset to come with 3D Touch Technology

Nokia Lumia family

There is nothing that can stop Nokia from innovating not even the recent deal with Microsoft. Nokia is called a hardware champ for the innovations they are bringing to the table with say things like Screen Tech, OIS, Camera, Audio recording tech, Industrial design etc.

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Rumor Nokia Lumia 2020 (tablet) and Nokia Lumia 1820 (phablet) in the works

Nokia Lumia Tablet & Phablet

Take this with a pinch of salt but rumors have a tendency to leak and this one is no different.

Considering that there will be Flagships continuing to roll-out from Nokias stable (Microsofts in future), we have every belief to believe in the next best.

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Rumor BBM for Windows Phone 8 in the working, expected to arrive earliest by next 2 months !

BBM for Windows Phone 8

Take this with a pinch of salt with no official confirmation available but there are strong rumors that Blackberry is already working on a BBM App for Windows Phone 8 devices.

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What !?! .. Windows Phone 8.1 will ditch the back button ?

Windows Phone 8.1 Blue image leaks

While a lot about WP8 GDR3 update is yet to be unearthed .. leaks about the major Windows Phone update aka Windows Phone Blue or Windows Phone 8.1 as they call it are continuing to come in and the latest ones might jolt you a bit.

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Nokia to merge Nokia Pro Cam & Nokia Smart Cam in to one .. will call it Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera launching soon

Nokia just does not love to be silent .. week after another and you will surely listen something new from Nokia and the latest rumor is one interesting one. It says the Nokia will launch a new app called Nokia Camera this 22nd Oct along side the Nokia Phablet Lumia 1520 .. the app claims to combine the functionality of Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam in to one.

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Rumor Notification Center might pop-up in the upcoming WP8 GDR3 update !

Notification Centre WP8 Proto 1

Ok this is pretty cool .. There is a strong rumor of Notification Center probably one of the most craved features in WP8, to be coming in the upcoming WP8 GDR3 update.

Originally Notification Center was said to be a part of WP8 Blue (8.1) update (expected to arrive in early 2014) but it was also said that Microsoft is trying to bring as many features as possible from WP8 Blue (8.1) to GDR3 update so this is quite plausible.

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