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Report (Q3 2013) Windows Phone is the worlds fastest growing smartphone platform (stats inside) !

OS & Smartphone Shipments Q3 2013

Report over at Strategy Analytics is out for Q3 2013 & they have got some eye-soothing figures for all you Windows Phone/Lumia fans out there.

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Nokia leads WP market with almost 90% share, Lumia 520 leads the charts with 23% share !

AdDuplex Windows Phone Oct 13 new 1

AdDuplex has released some statistics pertaining to Windows Phone market for the month of Oct 13 specifically dated 11th Oct 13 and collected from 1,411 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2.

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Gartner Microsoft becomes the No. 3 Smartphone OS, Lumia sales grow 112.7% !

Gartner Q2 2013 Mobile Phone Market Share & Sales Report

Gartner has today released the figures pertaining to Smartphone & Mobile Phone sales for 2nd Quarter of 2013 & it has brought some good news for Windows Phone owners. Microsoft officially is now the No. 3 Smartphone OS overtaking Blackberry.

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Kantar WP Stats Windows Phone continues the growth !

Kantar World Panel stats for Europe

Kantar World Panel stats for the 3 month ending May 13 for several regions is out. So lets have a look at whats in the store.

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AdDuplex Nokia Lumia 520 now the No. 1 Windows Phone in India, Nokia accounts for 83% of Windows Phones outside US !

AdDuplex data for May 13 for India

AdDuplex has released some interesting stats pertaining to Windows Phones dated 3rd May 13. According to them, Nokia Lumia 520 leads the charts of Windows Phones in India followed closely by Nokia Lumia 620 .. Woww for both of them !!

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