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Video Windows 10 for Phone leaks in a new build 12534, shows-off Outlook Email, Calendar, Spartan & more

Video Windows 10 for Phone build 12534

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The internet today has been greeted with a brand new video of Windows 10 for Phone (build 12534) that shows-off for the first time a couple of upcoming features like the New Outlook Email app, Outlook Calendar app, Project Spartan (new browser), New Contacts & a New Messaging app.

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Trying to beat the Lumia at its own game? .. No Samsung No!

Nokia Lumia 930 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 OIS comparison

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As it turns out, Samsung was trying to show-off its all new OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) tech fitted in its Galaxy S6 series devices at the launch event. But it seems that seems? !! .. turns out that a year old Lumia 930 beat the buddy Samsung to it.

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Video The lovely Lumia 730 Ad from Microsoft India

Nokia Lumia 730 Advertisement India

Yes, we are back or shall I say I. Got entangled in some personal work and health was a bit plus and minus.

This was on my mind for quite some time and finally am able to share this beautiful Ad of Lumia 730 with you. I really like this advertisement of Lumia 730 and more than it I really love the device itself. Sadly enough I dont own one.

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In Love with this Video Catz using Lumia 930

Lumia 930 and Cats

If there is anything that people like the most on Internet then its CATS and when you have those CATS using a Lumia, you can only fall in Love. Check out this fan made video by Mia Mullarkey filmed entirely on the Nokia Lumia 930 for the SMW Creative Contest, in partnership with Microsoft.

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Meet Lumia 730/735 Microsofts first Selfie oriented smartphones (specs, videos & sample images)

Lumia 730 & Lumia 735 image 4

Microsoft as expected yesterday unveiled two new Lumia devices at its MoreLumia IFA event in Berlin. Its first affordable flagship device the Lumia 830 and the selfie oriented Lumia 730/735.

Lumia 730/735 are in focus here so lets have a run down of the specs & other features.

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Nokia Lumia 530 now listed at Flipkart, available for Rs. 7199 (USD 118 / 88 Euros)

Lumia 530 Dual SIM image 1

The cheapest Lumia till date aka Nokia Lumia 530 featuring a Quad-core chipset and Dual SIM capability is now available for purchase from one of the top online retailers Flipkart in India.

The price is the perfect Rs. 7199 which converts to USD 188 or 88 Euros and is fighting with yet another running success from Motorola, Moto E. The launch price of Rs. 7199 means, you will soon see the retail prices of Lumia 530 come down to Rs. 6000 6500.

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Cortana for China and Live Folders get hands-on treatment in latest video

Video demo of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 GDR 1

I am sure you would be aware of the soon to released new version of Windows Phone 8.1 called Windows Phone 8.1 Update (i.e. WP8.1 Update 1 or WP8.1 GDR 1, the way you know it). If not then check below link for the new additions in Windows Phone 8.1 Update

The two biggest additions in the update are Live Folders and Cortana for UK and China and below are couple of leaked videos that demo them. Check out.

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Video Microsoft takes a jab at Siri with Cortana .. Oops !

Cortana vs Siri

Haha. I dont have anything to write about this video from Microsoft except that its very true. Watch out for yourself.

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(Video) Nokia Lumia 930 One experience. Windows on your phone.

Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia has just released a promo of the about to be released Lumia flagship Nokia Lumia 930. The promo talks about the One Windows experience with Windows on your Phone (and of course PCs and Tablets).

Catch the Promo after the break

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Something amazing to happen in Windows Phone space soon .. watch out !

Nokia Lumia 930 image 14

With the announcement of iOS 8 and Android L, things are starting to heat-up in the smartphone race and Windows Phone is playing a catch-up here in view of the less market share it has. I know Windows Phones metro look is now widely accepted in the form of flatter UIs of both iOS 8 and Android L (and many such elements being picked up) but then hey at the end of the day its the sales that matter.

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