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Windows & Windows Phone Store combined now has more than 5,60,000 apps

Number of Apps in Windows & Windows Phone Store

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A good news to note for the day is the stat coming from Microsoft by the Numbers website, according to which there are now more than 5,60,000 apps in the Windows & Windows Phone Store combines.

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VLC Player for Windows Phone & ARM based devices closer than ever

VLC working on ARM based devices

Team at VLC has been working really hard to get a Windows Phone port ready especially after releasing the Windows 8 app some time back. But the development for ARM devices had its share of difficulties as revealed by the team member Thomas Nigro earlier,

Problems with the ARM compiler. Microsoft doesnt have one. We have to make it ourselves. And its very high level of engineering.

Now today after a period of about one & a half months, we are being greeted with some positive words from Thomas Nigro

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Microsoft rebrands its Bing Suite of apps to MSN on Windows Phone (& Windows 8.1)

MSN launch

MSN from Microsoft is back and its new form is taking over the Web and Windows & Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Earlier this month, we saw a new avatar of MSN ( under preview and now that new avatar is officially rolling to more than 425 million people in over 50 countries around the world that come to the site each month. Windows & Windows Phone 8.1 device on the other side are seeing their Bing suite of apps getting converted to MSN ones.

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Microsoft releases Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone devices

Age of Empires Castle Siege on Windows Phone 8

Announced a few weeks ago, Age of Empires: Castle Siege from Microsoft Studios has officially hit the Windows & Windows Phone Store. Its a jackpot as the game supports 512MB RAM WP devices and if thats not enough then it comes with Xbox Live integration too.

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Leaks Lumia 1525 & 2520 set their sight on T-Mobile .. may come soon

Nokia Lumia 1520

After Lumia 635, it seems that yet another Lumia is set to join the gang at the US carrier T-Mobile. This time around its a niche device in the form of Lumia 1525. The info comes from leakster evleaks and can be easily trusted.

Considering that there have been no leaks pertaining to Lumia 1525, one can safely assume it to be the orginal Lumia 1520 with slight modifications. If this info turns out to be true then it would be a bliss for T-Mobile users, especially those waiting to upgrade from the current Lumia 925 or the new owners who have been waiting for a real Lumia flagship.

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Good bye SkyDrive .. Welcome OneDrive !

One Drive for your Windows devices

Its time for a change, Microsofts Cloud Storage application so far known as SkyDrive will now onwards be known as OneDrive. The change comes in view of a lawsuit filed by Sky Broadcasting Group over the use of word Sky which infringes with their trademark. The result is OneDrive.

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Video A trip to the park (with Nokia Lumia 2520)

Nokia Lumia 2520 promo

Its always good to have a look at promo videos and todays one is a pretty neat one from Nokia. At the center stage is Nokias Tablet, the Lumia 2520 and the Ad foucuses on its exceptional ability t0 perform well in bright sunlight.

A simple and a very well thought-of Ad.

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Nokia Lumia 2520 officially priced at $399.99 for AT&T in US, availability 22nd Nov !

Nokia Lumia 2520

The price-wraps on Nokia Lumia 2520 are officially off for AT&T users in US. Nokia today over at Conversations has officially announced the pricing & availability of Lumia 2520 as $399.99 and 22nd Nov respectively. The color will be black as shown below !

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Rumor Nokia Lumia 2020 (tablet) and Nokia Lumia 1820 (phablet) in the works

Nokia Lumia Tablet & Phablet

Take this with a pinch of salt but rumors have a tendency to leak and this one is no different.

Considering that there will be Flagships continuing to roll-out from Nokias stable (Microsofts in future), we have every belief to believe in the next best.

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Nokia Illusionist, another Windows RT tablet in the making sizes in the 8 inch range

Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows 8 RT Tablet

If you have already fallen for Nokias first ever Windows running tablet aka the Nokia Lumia 2520 then there is more coming soon if we are to believe evleaks.

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