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AdDuplex (Mar 15) Lumia 630 on a high growth path, Windows 10 TP user base decreases

AdDuplex Windows Phone Stats Mar 15

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There are many things coming loud & clear from the AdDuplex Statistics for Mar 15. Microsofts strategy on holding-off a WP flagship until Windows 10 is ready & meanwhile releasing a bunch of new devices in both Low & Mid-range segment means that these devices now account for a major share in terms of WP market.

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AdDuplex Stats Lumia 535 a massive hit in India, Lumia 730 follows

AdDuplex Windows Phone Stats Jan 15

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AdDuplex stats for January are out and there are quite a few surprises. Before we head to the details, heres something to make note of.

This report is based on data collected from 4,995 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of January 23rd, 2015 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated.

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Windows & Windows Phone Store combined now has more than 5,60,000 apps

Number of Apps in Windows & Windows Phone Store

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A good news to note for the day is the stat coming from Microsoft by the Numbers website, according to which there are now more than 5,60,000 apps in the Windows & Windows Phone Store combines.

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Super deal Runstatic PRO running free for a limited time!

Runstatic PRO for Windows Phone image 4

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Runstatic PRO, one of the best fitness app on Windows Phone is running absolutely free at the moment & you might just want to grab it. The app usually costs $4.99 & this is one deal not to be missed.

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Netflix for Windows Phone gets the long pending update & its Awesome!

Netflix for Windows Phone image 3

Having branded apps on a platform is an important thing and seeing them regularly update is another. It usually is the case where later happens rarely & mostly is a surprise.

Now surprises can sometime be too good and same is the case with the latest Netflix update for Windows Phone. The app had been dying for an update since many many months & its great on Netflixs front to end the year in style and make Windows Phone users happy.

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OneDrive for Windows Phone picks up a major update, brings back the classic Metro UI, All Photos view & more

OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1

OneDrive team is continuously listening to your feedback and this update is a perfect example of it. The last update to OneDrive brought with itself some major UI changes & one which were not in favor of Windows Phones Metro style interface.

Todays update changes that and Windows Phone users will be more than happy to see the swipey interface back, one thats beautiful & utterly simple. Other improvements include introduction of All Photos view, Access to recyle bin and more. OneDrive keeps getting more functional with every update & I am loving it.

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Official Facebook app for Windows Phone updated, fixes a lot of stuff & brings ability to view Sticker comments

Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1

Official Facebook app for Windows Phone has been updated and it picks up features from its beta counterpart. The most notable being the ability to view Sticker comments. However there are lot of fixes in tow. Check out full change-log below.

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AdDuplex Nov 14 Stats WP8.1 leads, Lumia 630/635 gain dominance and 4 new Lumia devices spotted

AdDuplex Windows Phone Stats Nov 14

AdDuplex stats for the month of Nov 14 are out and as expected Lumia 630/635 furthers its popularity and Windows Phone 8.1 share now tops WP8 & WP7 combined.

The rather important thing for Lumia fans is the spotting of 4 new Lumia devices but none being a flagship.

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Telegram Messenger for WP picks up a major update, now allows sharing of any documents (even MP3s)

Telegram Messenger Beta for Windows Phone image 3

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone continues to update. Todays update takes the app from version to which is quite a significant change and theres a huge change-log to justify it.

The highlight of the new update is ability to share any kind of documents (yes any, mp3s included) from your Phone or from your OneDrive account. Something which WhatsApp has not been able to achieve still given its long presence. Another good thing being the ability to save the received documents or videos to your device.

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WhatsApp on Windows Phone now tells you when your messages have been read

WhatsApp Blue Tick improvement image 2

In a server side improvement rolling out today, WhatsApp on every OS now tells you when your messages have been read. The trigger to this is both the ticks turning blue meaning your message has been read.

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