Understanding Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia 808 PureView

In the below video by Andyax, you get to know about the best of both PureView‘s from Nokia

Just to give you a brief overview, PureView Phase 1 implemented by Nokia in 808 PureView gives you the best camera ever in a Smartphone with the ability of a loss-less zoom both while clicking Images & shooting Videos (all possible with the patented Over Sampling tech by Nokia) and a whole lot of Manual settings & customizations.

Nokia 808 PureView has the best Camera in a phone since 2012 & will continue to do so for a near future.

PureView Phase 2 implemented in Nokia Lumia 920 is all about taking best Low-light images ever possible in a phone accompanied with the first ever Optical Image Stabilization in a Smartphone which allow you to take shake free videos. Combine all this with the algorithms from Nokia & you get Amazing Low-light Imaging capability & a glimpse of huge potential that can be explored in future via Software updates.

Nokia Lumia 920 is the best Camera Smartphone in the market right now toppling all that has come from the Competition & has been rightly rewarded for the same in form of Several Awards.