Super Mario on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

Fan of classic games ?

Snes8x ‘Super Nintendo‘ emulator will just do the perfect justice for your hunger. Available for WP8 for quite a long time, the App has been continuously upgraded by the developer m.k ironing out several niggles reported by the users.

‘Snes8x’ Link to Windows Phone Store

Here’s what the App Description reads & the change log

Snes8x is a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows Phone 8. The code is based on Snes9x, a free and portable SNES emulator. The emulator contains one game that is freely available.


– Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash when trying to export the save games of multiple ROMs at once and the corresponding directory on SkyDrive didn’t exist yet.

– Added file associations for *.smc and *.sfc files. You can now open those files directly from E-Mail attachments and browser downloads and they will be imported by the app (.smc and .sfc files inside ZIP-Archives work as well since WP8 supports .zip files).


– Improved stability for ROM import and import and export of save games.


– Fixed timing for PAL games.


– Added an option to set up frame skip. Use this if you experience performance or sound issues.

– Added turbo mode (triggered using the camera button while playing).

– Added a help page to answer frequent questions.


– Restored support for large tiles (was accidentally removed in the last update).

– Added a virtual analogue stick and an option in the input settings to switch between analogue stick and the old 8-way D-Pad.

– Added a slider to adjust the deadzone of the analogue stick.

– Added an option in the video settings to scale the size of the display output.


– Minor bug fixes

– Added an option in the input settings to assign the L-, R- or Turbo-Button to the camera button.