Rumors – Specs of the next camera flagship Windows Phone from Nokia leak ! Nokia EOS/Nokia Lumia 1000


MNB team has been tipped by sources of the details of next camera windows phone flagship & if they are found to be right then there is surely some hot action coming from Nokia.

Possible Specs of the next camera flagship from Nokia

  • Dual Core/Quad Core (either of the two with Snapdragon 800)
  • 2000 mAh Battery (just as Lumia 920)
  • Screen resolution of 1280 x  768 (720p HD+ not full HD)
  • Amoled Display
  • 41 MP Camera Sensor (just as Nokia 808 PureView)
  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)
  • Xenon & LED Flash
  • Extensive Camera User Interface (probably on the lines of 808 PureView & more)
  • FM Transmitter
  • Micro-SD Slot for expandable memory
  • Micro HDMI Port (possibly)
  • Will launch as AT&T Exclusive initially followed with a Global launch

Ok .. Fingers crossed for the above specs !

Too good to be true but possible .. If not all but if Nokia manages to pull some core specs from the above then competition is going to get real hot.

Nokia Lumia 1000 or Nokia EOS or whatever it is .. we are waiting for it Nokia.
Bring it on !!