Are you one of those who love reading PDFs on phone or one of those who has to without any options and are not exactly happy with the PDF reader provided by Microsoft then there is some good news for you in the store as ‘Adobe Reader‘ has just been made available for Windows Phone 8 devices

Here’s what the App description reads

Adobe Reader  is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices. Install the free Adobe Reader mobile app to work with PDF documents on your Windows Phone devices. Easily access a wide variety of PDF types, including password-protected documents.

View and Open PDF documents
Quickly open PDF documents
View password-protected PDFs and sticky notes
Search text to find specific information
Select single page or continuous scroll modes
Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view

Navigate through PDF content
âUse bookmarks to jump directly to a section in your PDF document
Tap on links in a PDF to open linked web pages
Quickly navigate through large documents using thumbnails

Copy text from PDF files
Select and copy text from a PDF file to the clipboard