‘MetroTube’ is the best YouTube app to have on your Windows Phone 8 device considering that Microsoft had to pull its official client down due to issues with Google. Now this in any way does not mean that ‘MetroTube’ is not at par with what YouTube app Microsoft released.

Coming back to the story. I want to highlight that the App description now mentions this,

*unlimited & unrestricted free trial for limited time!*

So if I am not wrong then the developer in a good mood is giving away the App for free for a limited time. You just have to click the ‘Try’ button to have the App for free.

This actually is aays ‘Trial’ (not ‘Purchased’) still you have full access to the App. I said good way because if for a reason you uninstall the App and the scheme goes off, in that case you woul good way of giving App for free. What I mean here is if you go to your Account it sd have to purchase the App so it’s like one time offer.

Download the ‘MetroTube’ app from Windows Phone Store here

MetroTube goes free for limited time on Windows Phone

YouTube. Beautifully designed.
The #1 TOP rated YouTube app on the marketplace!

*unlimited & unrestricted free trial for limited time!*


“Metrotube.. Awesome! Everybody says this, Metrotube is fantastic. It is so good, it’s a great YouTube client.”
– Mashable

“Metrotube is our top app from the Marketplace this Christmas.”
Conversations by Nokia (Official)

“We took the app for a spin last week and walked away *very* impressed”

“A stylish YouTube app for Windows Phone”
The Guardian

“The Metrotube user experience is incredible”
The Nokia Blog

“An easy five stars”
T3 App Chart