(Videos, Pics, History) – The unbeatable ‘Nokia’ in Photography !

Nokia 808 PureView Red in all its glory

I am so excited to write about this.

Yesterday I came to know that Nokia launched a dedicated page on photography & why not it’s one company that has been a fan of Photography you can say from Day One. Using the word ‘Fan’ would be injustice on my part.

It’s the one company that has continuously innovated on Camera front & had this vision from long back. What we are continuously seeing since last many years is ‘the execution of this’ & the fruits of it.

So I was very much excited to write about this & there cannot be a better place than Nokia Conversations to know about it.

Here’s the dedicated page on Photography from Nokia .. Click on the image to go there !

Here’s an infographic on how Nokia has continuously evolved on ‘Camera front’ !

  • It all started with Nokia’s 7650 in 2001 featuring in a super-hit Sci-Fi thriller ‘Minority Report‘. It was Nokia’s first camera phone
  • In 2003, it rolled down to Nokia 3650 – the first Nokia with a Video recorder. Did you own one ?
  • In 2005 – Nokia became the most sold digital camera brand .. woohoo !!
  • In 2005 – Nokia N70 was the first smartphone to have dedicated camera shutter key !
  • Talk about efforts & innovation and you see Nokia N93 – the first Nokia smartphone with Optical Zoom !
  • In 2008, Nokia became the world’s number 1 camera maker, sold more cameras than Kodak ! Beat that !
  • 2011 show the advent of Nokia N8 & the making of worlds largest stop-motion animation “Gulp” shot using it !
  • What Nokia cooked for 5 years in the lab finally hit the world in the form of Nokia 808 PureView in 2012 – the first camera phone with a 41 MP Camera. If you just got shocked with the size of sensor then forget it .. it’s the logic that converts those 41MP shots in to 5MP shots that’s amazing. Those who own it, know it !