WP8 GDR2/Lumia Amber update releasing Mid Aug 13 ?


Almost time for Nokia to release the much awaited WP8 GDR2/Lumia Amber update & we are getting some hints of its release with the help of carriers. Below is the update schedule list released by Telstra Australia for Nokia Lumia & other WP8 handsets.

As you can see above, the update for Lumia 920 is already submitted by Nokia & is under testing with expected customer availability date as 14th Aug 13. Whereas the one for Lumia 520 is still be submitted by Nokia (it might be submitted by now as the date was 26th July) .. probably due to different hardware requirements.

What to decipher from above ?

The update is already ready from Nokia’s side but will Nokia release the same earlier for unbranded/unlocked devices ? .. Umm, probably not that’s what the history says .. we will have to wait & watch for that.