iPhone 4S user switches to ‘Nokia Lumia 1020’ – says “It’s the best phone he had in a while”

Apple iPhone 4S to Nokia Lumia 1020

There is a write-up at Reddit wherein a user has expressed his views after switching over from iPhone 4S to Nokia Lumia 1020. Going through his write-up, I found that he is (was) an avid Apple fan just like any other.

So how does he find his new Lumia ? Read on …

I was an early adopter of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s; the phones have been fantastic for me since they released. So, moving not only to a new phone but also a new operating system was going to be a huge deal and hurdle.

I would end up going to the Microsoft Store the other day to pick up the phone and the free camera grip. I would end up spending $762.99.

Luckily, this hurdle was a mere step and not that huge of a deal! It was a pretty easy transition. I don’t feel like my life is missing anything, and in fact, many of the things I was used to doing have been considerably more streamlined.

I always laughed at my girlfriend for having her Windows 8 Phone… well… because I just didn’t get it nor’ did I take the time to try to get it. Now, I see why she was using it.

People say there’s a lack of apps. I’ve found all the apps I need, and they work fantastic except a few (Spotify and Facebook namely). The rest (Twitter, Skype, iHeart Radio, Flickr, Pandora, Fandango, Google Maps, Hulus Plus, Netflix, RedLaser, Shazam, SkyDrive, Yelp, YouTube HD, and the pre-installed apps) run very well.

The live tiles really enhances the experience, and doesn’t feel cumbersome. I do wish I could have a background, but, that would just be too much going on I think unless it was blurred. The metro style is fine.

A lot of reviews go about, “Too bad you can’t do Instagram.” You can through Instance, and it isn’t a crappy third-party app. It’s pretty well made, and the flow is nice and most of all functions very well. While it lacks the filters from the iOS version, there are 13 pre-installed filters, and I do most of my editing in Creative Studio then put then post them to Instagram. The best part is my buddy in Instagram, I pinned him to my Home screen and I can see his recent picture flash across the live tile, and when I click that tile it goes straight to his profile in Instagram. It’s very good third-party Instagram app.

The big thing is the camera. Damn, it’s amazing. I’m getting used to the idea that I need to crop pictures with a cell phone camera. Which is really foreign to me. The ability to see the changes in tone, color, focus, and such in real time is amazing. The apps that come with editing the photos are pretty slick too! Creative Studio is what a lot of people should be talking about.

Overall, best phone I’ve had in awhile. I didn’t feel like I skipped a beat, and my life is going as it was but feels much better. I never realized how dated iOS was until I really touched this phone. It’s made a huge change in my mind for me. The integration of Social Media, with the People app and such is fantastic. I love it.

The only gripes would be I wish there was: Spotify, Google Chrome, and a better Facebook app. These would be pretty big for me.

You would agree with me that are many such users who think iOS is ‘The best’ & think they are having the best but they actually are missing on a lot many things .. things are infact much different but who would go & tell them ? Apple’s marketing has worked like a charm .. I would say.

Are you one of those ?

Dare to change !


Source – Reddit


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2 responses to “iPhone 4S user switches to ‘Nokia Lumia 1020’ – says “It’s the best phone he had in a while””

  1. Ritesh Bendre says :

    I have been an Android user…ever since Cupcake days…. After having used 4 smartphones….last HTC DESIRE HD for over two years… was difficult to make a switch to Windows Phone 8 …..yet I dared to buy Lumia 720 and pretty satisfied with the overall user experience….

    Thumbs Up to Nokia and Microsoft for creating an amazing series of feature rich Lumia devices 🙂


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