Rumor – ‘Notification Center’ might pop-up in the upcoming WP8 GDR3 update !

Notification Centre WP8 Proto 1

Ok this is pretty cool .. There is a strong rumor of ‘Notification Center‘ probably one of the most craved features in WP8, to be coming in the upcoming WP8 GDR3 update.

Originally ‘Notification Center’ was said to be a part of WP8 Blue (8.1) update (expected to arrive in early 2014) but it was also said that Microsoft is trying to bring as many features as possible from WP8 Blue (8.1) to GDR3 update so this is quite plausible.

If you remember then one of the devices belonging to internal Microsoft executives supposedly running the proto-version of WP 8.1 update (developer build) was lost some time back & reached to one of the potential buyers of Lumia .. at that time we got to see a glimpse of ‘Notification Center’ on it (it was a Lumia 920 if I am not wrong). Here’s the screenshot of how Notification Center looked on it but remember that it was just a proto !

It is also rumored that WP8 GDR3 update in under testing at NokiaIndia and something called ‘Appetite’ is also coming with the update. Considering that there is a strong possibility of Nokia Phablet announcement next month – GDR3 atleast sounds confirmed.