Now Screenshot of ‘WP8.1 aka Blue’ running Lumia 620 leaks ?

Lumia 620 running WP8.1 Blue update

A revealing weekend by the way !

Just yesterday we came across several leaks of WP8 GDR3 (Lumia Bittersweet shimmer) running Lumia 920 and now we have a screenshot allegedly believed to be that of WP8.1 running on a Lumia 620 and found on a Micro-SD card by a member on XDA forums.

For our readers, WP8.1 update is probably the long-awaited major overhaul of Windows Phone OS which we will be seeing in first quarter of 2014. It is also said that Microsoft is trying hard to bring several of its features to the next in line WP8 GDR3 update going to be released in November of 2013.

Have a look at it.

Lumia 620 running WP8.1 Blue update

Few things to notice here

  • Placement of icons at the top bar is different from the current version of WP running GDR1 or GDR2 (see below)

Icons at top bar in WP GDR1

  • There is ‘*’ icon at the top right corner besides battery icon possibly highlighting unread notifications
  • You can see a Live Tile of Notifications with 2 notifications (Oops I know many wont be liking this Tile-y implementation of Notification Center but this is probably one of those builds of WP8.1 which might not be there in final release)
  • Then you have a unified tile of Skype & Outlook and a blue box on it (are we looking at interactive tiles ?)

So there you go .. impressed or not ?

Source – XDA


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