‘adidas miCoach’ app launched for Windows Phone 8 devices !

Download adidas micoach beta for Windows Phone

This app once again reminds us of the continuous efforts being put by Nokia to develop the Windows Phone ecosystem.

I don’t know much about ‘adidas miCoach’ tool & hence would make use of Wiki answers here for you. This is what it says,

micoach is a training tool developed by Adidas. It works in a three part system with a stride sensor, a heart monitor, and a receiver that talks to you. The receiver coaches you based upon the data being collected from the stride sensor and and heart monitor. The receiver will tell you to either speed up or slow down based upon your heart rate, tell you the data that has been collected, will tell you how far into your workout you are and how much is left, and lastly will play your music (a pump up song can be selceted and played when you start to slow down). on micoach.com you can create an account to sync your micoach to and to create and/or selcet workouts to complete. In your account it will display all of the data collected to date and the individual data as well. Along with that a calendar will come up upon logging in and will display all past, non-free run, work outs and all upcoming work outs. If you tend to be less motivated then you should be micoach can send you emails to remind you to work out.

I hope it’s correct. So the app in its beta form has made a debut on Windows Phone today and is destined to work on WP8 devices only. The app is very well designed when compared to its iOS & Android counterparts .. as per the reviews that I came across.



adidas and Nokia bring the well-known miCoach experience to all Windows Phone 08 users for free!

Turn your phone into a personal coach. miCoach uses GPS and real-time voice coaching in your ear to pace you through easy to understand workout zones as you run. Choose a training plan tuned for your sport to build speed and endurance. Track and share your achievements with the app or at miCoach.com. Be Faster with miCoach!


– Syncs to miCoach.com to save and view detailed analysis of your workouts.
– Measures your distance, pace/speed, calories burned, and elapsed time.
– Get daily planned workouts and coaching feedback delivered to your phone.
– Easy access to your music during your workout and deep integration of Nokia Music for all Nokia users.
– Tracks your shoe usage with wear alerts.
– Highly customizable audible alerts.
– Enables access to more than 400 strength & flexibility exercises, making miCoach one of the most complete coaching apps on the market!
– Fan Corner: stay-up to date with all the latest news and find the next adidas store to get the latest gear.
– foursquare check-in
– workout sharing to social networks.