MoliPlayer for Windows Phone 8

Love watching videos on your Lumia ? – It would be rare that you would not have faced difficulties because they come in multiple formats and of-course not all of them are natively supported.

And then you look at a 3rd party solution for it .. which is when ‘MoliPlayer Pro’ comes in to the picture, an all format local Video & Audio Media Player.

‘MoliPlayer Pro’ deserves a worthy mention for the effort and even more for the result because it plays almost everything you throw at it.

Here’s the app description

If you enjoy watching videos on your Windows Phone, but can’t stand the hassle and time to do “trans-coding”, MoliPlayer Pro is the right app for you. With significant enhancement to the video playback capability on the WP platform, MoliPlayer Pro basically plays “anything you throw at it”, RMVB, AVI, MKV, FLV, FLAC, APE… you name it.

MoliPlayer Pro’s file management tool makes it possible to do “LOCAL” playback on WP8 phones.  You can choose to upload videos or music to the INTERNAL STORAGE or SD CARD of your phone at high speed.  Or you can transfer files to your mobile device with the browser in WiFi mode.

Key features:

1. Plays almost all VIDEO formats: avi, mkv, mp4, h.264, rmvb, wmv, flv, ts, m2ts, and vob. etc.
2. Plays almost all MUSIC formats, epecially lossless musics: aac, mp3, ape, flac, and ogg etc.
3. Displays almost all SUBTITLES: embedded or seperate: srt, ssa, and *.ass etc.
4. Smooth playback of hi-def MKV video at 1080P with no over heat issue
5. Organizes videos & music in separate folders
6. Easy wireless video transfer from your PC browser in WiFi network.
7. FAST upload from PC to the camera roll of the internal storage and/or SD card.
8. Easy GESTURE control, swiping for volume, brightness and FF/REW.
9. Remembers the last played position and resumes playback where it was left
10. Displays thumbnails of all videos
11. Password protection at app start

The latest update bring the app to version and adds the below features

  • Browsing & playback of videos and audios stored on a PC/NAS/Wireless HD through uPnP/DLNA
  • Music playback in background or with screen locked.
  • Dual-audio mkv playback
  • File list sorted by recently watched
  • Refreshing of file list & newly added files
  • WiFi connection URL can be copied
  • Font size selection for subtitles
  • WiFi transfer to a folder on SD card
  • Displaying or hiding all video & all music

The app is a paid one & costs Rs. 160/2.29 Pounds/$ 2.99 .. The app has a trial version too which lasts for 30 days.

MoliPlayer Pro for Windows Phone