Punjab Kesari and InstaVideo Downloader for Windows Phone

Tw0 new apps have arrived in the form of ‘InstaVideo Downloader’ and ‘Punjab Kesari‘ to Windows Phone. One to serve your social media needs and other to update you on what’s happening around.

Are you an avid Instagram fan ? .. then you would like this as ‘InstaVideo Downloader‘ provides you with the ability to download Instagram videos to your phone.

Instagram users were always looking for the app to download the Instagram videos on their devices. Well now you don’t have wait anyone. InstaVideo Downloader provides you the feature of downloading Instagram Video quickly just on ONE click.
All you have to do it, Copy URL from Instagram app of the video you want to download, (Instructions in app will guide you) and HIT the download button in InstaVideo Downloader. The video will be downloaded on your device quickly. You can access those videos in the custom gallery made by us by clicking at the icon in the top left of the screen
There is NO LIMIT to the videos, you can download as much videos you want.

Download ‘InstaVideo Downloader’ from Windows Phone Store below.

Type – Paid (INR 55 or $0.99)
Size – 2 MB

InstaVideo Downloader for Windows Phone

Download from Windows Phone Store

Punjab Kesari on the other hand is a hindi news app and claimed to be as India’s largest selling Hindi news daily.

Punjab Kesari, is a Hindi-language newspaper published from many centres in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi in India. It is currently owned by the Punjab Kesari group (The Hindsamachar Ltd.). It is one of the three newspapers started by the group. The other two are Hind Samachar in Urdu and Jagbani in Punjabi languages.

The newspaper has a daily circulation of approximate 33,47,000 copies which are printed from Jalandhar (since 1965), Delhi (1983), Ambala (1991), Palampur (2004), Ludhiana (2004), Jaipur (2006), Panipat (2006), Hisar (2006), Jammu (2007), Mohali (2008), Chandigarh (2009) and Shimla (2009).

App description

The Punjab Kesari window mobile app brings you real time news on National and International affairs, Sports, Entertainment, Articles and posts on Dharam .Get latest videos and photos all in ONE CLICK. Enter this platform of happening events, share and like the stories and even post your comments for the world to see.

Covering each and every story from different perspectives, supported by visuals and on-field reporting, the Punjab Kesari Mob app provides the viewer with a full and fine understanding of events. The stories that happen across the length and breadth of the country are covered in its totality. What happens around the world becomes a click away with the new Punjab Kesari mobile app. Timely and exclusive news presentation combined with high end technological support is what we offer.

A range of sporting events with their jaw dropping performances are given to the viewers with the support of Live updates. Each and every story covered right at the moment is served hot to the viewers at a click away.

A full package of entertainment ranging from Pollywood, Bollywood and Celebrity stories adores the Entertainment section of the mobile app. Be it a movie review, or the celebrity take or that of a gossip everything find their way to this small space.

Various articles on issues spoken freely by people of right voice and fearless words find their expression here. Inside the tab of Dharam lie the endless and limitless thoughts on religion and philosophy. Refreshing and rejuvenating every second of reader with positive energy to live with in this world of chaos.

Enter and experience the whole new world with the new Punjab Kesari Mobile App. This is a world in itself where there is room for all.

Download ‘Punjab Kesari’ from Windows Phone Store below.

Type – Free
Size – 1 MB

Punjab Kesari on Windows Phone

Download from Windows Phone Store