Start screen background mockup WP8.1 new

Note – this is our 4th post on WP8.1 leaks

It rarely happens that you dream of something and it becomes a truth .. such is the case with the upcoming WP update. Nobody ever knew what it would bring to the table and nobody even knew it would bring so much to the table.

First thoughts that come to my mind after seeing all the WP8.1 related leaks is that Microsoft was truly at work in the background and it was working hard, scanning the user feedback here and there and continuously working on it. At this point a question also comes to my mind as to what was the point of Portico, GDR2 and GDR3 updates ? (I am still thinking)

Coming back to the actual story, TheVerge is reporting about few of the most user requested features that are expected to arrive with Windows Phone 8.1 and are not a part of the released SDK. It should be taken as these features ‘can arrive’ and not ‘will arrive’.

  • The first being the arrival of 3 columned tile layout for devices with display size of 4.5″ inches and more. It will be made available as an option under settings. This is under experimentation phase at Microsoft currently.
  • ‘Start screen backgrounds’ could also make an appearance allowing user to select a custom background for the home screen unlike the current sole Black & White options.
  • Lastly the browser (IE11) in Windows Phone 8.1 would gain the tab-syncing ability with Windows 8.1 devices.

All in all ‘Windows Phone Blue’ is turning out to be a huge huge update that would completely change the face of WP platform. If you have been following us then you would have definitely read about our past coverage on Windows Phone 8.1 and in case not then below are the links for quick access.