It’s 1 day to go for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview to go live & Joe Belfiore (CVP & Manager for WP Program Management) is busy answering peoples queries over twitter whereby revealing interesting facts about WP8.1.

Why not check it out ..

  • FB app in WP8.1 is similar in UI to that of WP8 but with better integration


  • Quiet Hours will not be available in non-US regions in Developer Preview (What ? sad but true) as it is tied to Inner Circle which in turn is tied to Cortana & Cortana will not be available in non-US regions initially. It (Cortana) will see gradual roll out with Europe & China first in 2014 & more countries in 2015.


  • Live Lockscreen theming app not coming with WP8.1 Developer Preview


  • Though we know this but for those who don’t .. once on Developer Preivew, you will able to upgrade to the original WP8.1 which when gets released by your OEM


  • Improved FB integrations with WP8.1 but ‘me screen’ has changed


  • Joe Belfiore has been using 8.1 for months on different phones though currently he has switched to WP8 to understand the difference


  • Billion dollar question .. will Lumia 810 get Windows Phone 8.1 ? .. Answer – A hopeful yes but with some exceptions !



  • The song duplication issue from Cloud is now fixed in Windows Phone 8.1


  • The ‘Settings’ order will continue to be the same in WP8.1 🙁


  • Lot’s of new features in both Music & Video Apps (& now they are store upgradeable)


  • Office Apps in WP8.1 are not store upgradeable


  • Cortana is initially US only (beta), everyone else will get Bing Search (& what Bing Search will do in detail in not known)


  • No feature additions to existing Office apps, just the bug-fixes