WhatsApp for Windows Phone missing

Recently we reported of ‘WhatsApp’ being pulled from Windows Phone Store with official communication from WhatsApp team citing it as intentional but unfortunately no details were shared on what the issue was.

Looking at the amount of queries floating in, Joe Belfiore from Microsoft today tweeted that WhatsApp was pulled from WP Store due to an issue with notification in Windows Phone 8 Update 3.

Here’s what the tweet reads out

For those w Q’s on Whatsapp: they pinged us about an issue that popped on notifications, we’re working with them on a fix. More info soon—

It was also clarified that Notifications core in WP8.1 differs from that in WP8 and that the issue is specific to WP8 OS (Update 3).

Ps – the notifications core in wp8.1 is different than wp8. The WhatsApp issue is in wp8 upd3. How’s your wp8.1 notifications experience?—