Lana Jurcevic Nokia

You probably would not know much about ‘Lana Jurcevic‘ but she is one heck of a beauty from Croatia & a Nokia brand ambassador too. She is a singer cum song writer with many albums to her name.

Here’s how Wiki puts it

Lana Jurčević (born November 7, 1984) is a singer-songwriter born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her self-titled debut album was released in 2003, with all of the songs on the album written by Milana Vlaović. In her young career she has already worked with Milana Vlaović, Nikša Bratoš, Ante Pecotić, Muc Softić and Severina, with whom she sang a duet called “Rodjena da budem prva”. Along with her musical career, she is also student of journalism in Zagreb, where she resides today.

If I have to compare then she is much similar to Priyanka Chopra from India in her profile. The way you would see Nokia phones appear in Priyanka’s albums, in a similar way you would see Lana endorsing Nokia phones.

Lana Jurcevic Nokia Lumia 630

Here’s Lana’s latest music video ‘MAJICA’ & mind you she is sizzling hot (you are also supposed to look at Lumia 630 😉 in the video)