Lumia Cyan for Developer Preview devices

Update – Sorry for making you curious but we might have misread the tweet which says ‘Developer devices’ and not ‘Developer Preview devices’ – both of which are different. However the unanswered point at this moment is when a Developer Preview (Developer device running the Preview version) running device can get Cyan then either the fix is in place or MS/Nokia can segregate Developer devices from Non-developer ones. We will update the story on firm confirmation. Thanks Daniel (from WPC) for highlighting this out!

Update 1 – Ok, it can also be this way that Developer devices running Lumia Black are getting the Cyan update and those running the Develper Preview are not. But don’t that defeat the purpose, when a Developer device is not running the Developer Preview version?

In all take it as a No, the Developer Preview devices are not getting the Lumia Cyan update at this moment atleast.

Good news incoming, the Nokia Developer Team over twitter has announced that Lumia Cyan update is now rolling out to Lumia 920 Developer Preview devices.

For the update to hit you, Lumia Cyan should be available in your region. If this condition holds true and you are on DP then it’s time to check for updates and hit the update button.

The Nokia Developer Team has also tweeted that Lumia Cyan is almost ready for Lumia 620 DP devices and the update should be released soon whereas for Lumia 820, the update should be ready by 1st Sept.