Lumia 730, 830 and 930 India

Just as expected & covered by us, Microsoft today has officially announced the new generation Lumia’s viz. Lumia 730, Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 in India at an event organized in New Delhi. The new set of Lumia’s come just at the right time with festive season around strengthening Microsoft’s portfolio in mid & high end segment. Find pricing & availability details on the other side of the break.


  • Lumia 730 – INR 15,299 (248 USD)
  • Lumia 830 – INR 28,799 (467 USD)
  • Lumia 930 – INR 38,649 (627 USD)


  • Lumia 730 – October 6
  • Lumia 830 – October 8
  • Lumia 930 – October 15

Some excerpts from Ajey Mehta, MD, Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd

Our focus is solely on expanding the Windows ecosystem. We have conducted many surveys and we found that people who use Windows OS once, they want to stick to it. We have been consistently growing our userbase in the country.The affordable segment has seen explosive growth and the mid price segment also continues to do well for us. We will have devices across price points.

Microsoft also announced the availability of HD-10, a Microsoft Screen Sharing device which can beam content from your Lumia to any HDMI enabled device. The HD-10 will be priced INR 5,999 (98 USD).

Microsoft HD-10

Just a recap of the devices

Lumia 730 is a selfie oriented device with an excellent 5MP Full HD camera at front & a 6.7MP Zeiss branded camera at back powered by a Quadcore Snapdragon 400 processor. The device display sizes at 4.7″ inch (720p) featuring OLED technology & Clear Black technology. On memory front, Lumia 730 has 1GB of RAM and an 8 GB of internal storage expandable by 128GB via Micro-SD card.

Nokia Lumia 730

Lumia 830 is Microsoft’s thinnest Lumia yet at just 8.5mm and takes cues from its high-end siblings. The thin form factor of the device is complemented by an aluminum frame around the device & apart from looks it also brings the much renonwned PureView imaging tech from its high-end siblings. Lumia 830 is powered by Snapdragon 400 Quadcore processor and at back has a 10MP PureView Camera with the thinnest Optical Image Stabilization module yet. The display is IPS LCD 720p and 5″ inch in size with Clear Black technology onboard. The device features an internal storage of 16GB expandable by 128GB via Micro-SD card. The RAM is 1GB & Lumia 830 comes with built-in Wireless Charging.

Nokia Lumia 830

Lumia 930 falls in to a league apart. The device is powered by Snadragon 800 Quadcore processor and flaunts a 20MP PureView camera at back with Optical Image Stabilization onboard. The RAM is 2GB and the internal memory is 32GB but non-expandable. Wireless Charging is built-in and the display is Full HD OLED at 5″ inch in size with Clear Back Technology. The aluminum frame is present here to & give it a professional feel and look.

Nokia Lumia 930

Which one are you planning to get?

Via – Economic Times
Featured Image via – Indian Express