Nokia Camera available for all Lumia Phones

The branding change from Nokia to Lumia continues for all apps built by Nokia. We have seen this in the past for Creative Studio, Panorama, Storyteller & Cinemagraph and today the much coveted Nokia Camera looses the Nokia name becoming Lumia Camera

While the name ‘Lumia Camera’ might excite owners of Lumia 1520, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 830 but hey hang-on it’s not the Lumia Camera Update that is rolling instead it’s just the name change at this moment plus some bug-fixes. I just hope that it fixes the focus issue that I am facing on my Lumia 920 running the latest Developer Preview update.

Grab the latest update to ‘Nokia Camera’ aka ‘Lumia Camera’ from Windows Phone Store below

Type – Free
Size – 14 MB
Version –
Works with WP8 & WP8.1 (512MB RAM supported)
Publisher – Microsoft Mobile


  • New Name; Lumia Camera
  • Bug fixes

Lumia Camera for Windows Phone

Download from Windows Phone Store