RM-1090 Microsoft Branding

A Lumia device with code name RM-1090 has been in testing for a while and now has broke loose at Chinas TENNA revealing itself in pictures. The device seems to be the first device to sport Microsoft branding in place of Nokia and can be seen in the pics too.

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FCC filing of RM-1090 earlier revealed the size to be in the range of 5 inch with a qHD resolution of 960 x 540 supported well by the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update (Update 1). Other revelations included Dual SIM support and a BL-L4A battery.

The above pics also reveal the subject device to sport a Front facing camera and a Flash at back.

So we are looking at a mid-range device with Dual SIM support, a large 5 inch display, resolution of 960 x 540, Rear Camera with Flash and the much needed Front facing camera.

Are we looking at an upgrade to Lumia 625? Well quite likely. The name Lumia 635 & Lumia 735 are already booked. Lumia 835 & further look completely unlikely. What remains is Lumia 535 & the specs fit well too.