Team at VLC has been working really hard to get a Windows Phone port ready especially after releasing the Windows 8 app some time back. But the development for ARM devices had its share of difficulties as revealed by the team member Thomas Nigro earlier,

Problems with the ARM compiler. Microsoft doesnt have one. We have to make it ourselves. And its very high level of engineering.

Now today after a period of about one & a half months, we are being greeted with some positive words from Thomas Nigro

Yeah! VLC is finally working on ARM devices like Surface RT and windows phone! You should thank @beauzeh who did a really huge work!!

So finally the team has been able make VLC work on ARM based devices like Surface RT and Windows Phone. Heres a screenshot from the other team member Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen of VLC working on Surface RT

Heres VLC, running on a @surface RT. Were really glad to finally have something running, and cant wait to ship it!