Lumia Denim for Lumia 520 India

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Yeah, finally Lumia Denim has hit the Indian shores and the first device to get it seems to be the coveted Lumia 520. We will continue to update the post as more devices start getting it.

For now its for the Lumia 520 owners to rejoice!

The first notification will be Download Critical Update. The size of the first update is 192MB.

Note I can confirm that the update rolling out is OS update & the firmware i.e. Lumia Denim is yet to come. And yes DP devices are not getting any update as they already have the latest OS update.

Heres the updated screenshot (will be updating with more screenshots on completion)

Lumia 520 Denim updaete India

Lumia Denim roll-out status

  • Lumia Denim begins rolling out to Lumia 520/525/526/625/720/720T/1320 in China – (17th Dec 14)
  • Lumia Denim spreads to devices in Europe at large (18th Dec 14)
  • Lumia Denim starts rolling out in India for Lumia 520 (18th Dec 14)

Here’s a look at what’s incoming with Lumia Denim and Windows Phone 8.1 Update (1)

Lumia specific experiences

  • First and the most important feature coming with Lumia Denim is the ‘Lumia Camera’ update. Lumia Camera update is specific to devices with upgraded hardware i.e. Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 830 (all these are PureView phones) and below is the link where we have covered abou the Lumia Camera in detail. Check out.
  • Another important addition being ‘Hey Cortana’ voice activation feature. So you don’t have to press the search button to activate Cortana, you can just say ‘Hey Cortana’ and she will come to life (even if your device is in idle state). Again the implementation of this feature is associated with new upgraded processors and SensorCore technology. The eligible devices will be Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update (1)

  • Folders. Folders let you organize your Start screen the way you want. Just push one Tile on top of another one to create a folder and get going.
  • Messaging. Combine multiple text messages into one, and then forward them to someone else.
  • Selection. With improved selection, you can now delete multiple calls, messages, or contacts
  • Apps Corner. Apps Corner lets you specify apps other people can use on a Windows Phone. Great for individuals and any-sized organizations who want to provide only the essential apps for others to use for work, school, or any other reason.
  • Cortana. There’s another way to start Cortana from a Bluetooth hands-free system in your car now—just tap the contact named “Cortana” and ask her whatever you want. And now you’re able to do more things without unlocking your phone too, making your personal assistant even better.
  • Store. The new Live Tile for Windows Phone Store helps you discover new apps and games. Just pin the Store to Start and you’re ready to go.
  • Internet Explorer. Improvements to Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone give you a better browsing experience on your phone. Spend less time panning and zooming and more time enjoying some of your favorite websites.
  • Alarms. Now you can customize the snooze time for an alarm, and then enjoy a little more shuteye for the time you want.
  • Accessory apps. Use accessory apps to get notifications from your phone on your smart watch, active phone cover, fitness tracker, or other kinds of accessories.
  • Internet sharing. Now you can share your cellular data connection over Bluetooth, so you can get an Internet connection on more kinds of devices.
  • VPN. VPN now supports L2TP, which lets you connect to more VPN services. Whether you connect to a VPN for work or personal use, you can do it on your Windows Phone.
  • Narrator. Narrator now has touch typing and a way for you to turn off hints for controls and buttons if you don’t want them read aloud. Some other improvements to Narrator help you unlock your phone a little more quickly, find and use the Back, Start, and Search buttons more easily, and tell you when your phone screen is on or off.
  • Phone update. Install updates when you want by scheduling them for a time that works best for you. And if your phone supports SD cards, it will now detect if you’re running low on space when updating and use the SD card. (Scheduling an update is available after updating to build 8.10.14203.206. Support for using your SD card for updating your phone depends on your phone model and manufacturer.)
  • Battery Saver. Keep an eye on your battery power from your Start screen. Just pin Battery Saver to Start, and the new Live Tile will show you at a glance how much battery power you have left. (This feature is available only for phones running build 8.10.14203.206.) To get info about the latest features, see the Battery Saver app in the Store.