I might have a bad news for all you Developer Preview users. It’s not that bad but yes may be bad. The news is that there may be nothing like ‘Lumia Denim (firmware)’ coming to your device

You must already know that while Lumia Denim encompass the Windows Phone 8.1 Update (Update 1), it is more appropriately referred to as a Firmware update. So it used to be like OS update from Microsoft and Firmware update from Nokia (Amber, Black & Cyan) in the past.

But is Microsoft really pushing out the Denim firmware? – To me it seems NOWhy?

  • The Developer Preview users are continuously reporting that despite the Denim update available in their region, they have not yet been greeted with the update.
  • Non-DP users however are getting the update but the update-log just mentions the update as Windows Phone 8.1 (there is no Lumia Update present as you would have seen in the past)

Lumia 520 Denim updaete India

Update log on Non-DP Lumia 520

  • Post update there is no change in the firmware version. It remains the same as that of Lumia Cyan.
  • Now here’s the big twist. If you are a Developer Preview user just go to the app ‘Preview for Developers’ and deactivate it (unenroll). Now go to settings — extras + info and you will see that you already have the Denim update. (just make sure that your extras + info app is up-to-date)

Screenshot of extras + info with “Preview for Developer deactivated”


Screenshot of extras + info with “Preview for Developers enabled”


I can confirm the above phenomenon for both my Lumia 520 & Lumia 920 which are Developer Preview enabled

The conclusion from the above is only one

  1. Microsoft is just rolling the Windows Phone 8.1 Update (Update 1), disguised as Lumia Denim which on update results in no change in firmware version (only change in OS).
  2. Developer Preview users will not get any update – because you already have the Denim update present on your device. If you were waiting for a firmware update, there seems to be none coming at-least this time around.
  3. Only Lumia 930, Icon & 1520 along with Lumia 830 are expected to get firmware updates. Lumia 830 already has denim so we need to wait to see if it gets any new update.