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We all know that the official Twitter client on Windows Phone is not up to the mark. Yes it’s functional but not alike that on competing platforms. However we have always had some beautiful 3rd party Twitter clients on Windows Phone & it’s always glad to have them.

Aeries likewise is one beautiful Twitter client to have on your Windows Phone, if you are not so happy with the official client.

I am using Aeries for Twitter for about a day now & the initial impressions of the app are really good. It’s fast, fluid with most functionalities available. Being in Beta, you should expect some glitches. The push notification part is also under development but the app is really worth a try.

The latest Beta update brought the following improvements

  • Fixed bug where replying to tweets wouldn’t be seen as a reply.
  • Fixed a crash when refreshing a list timeline.
  • Fixed issue with list pages not loading new list when you navigate again.
  • Greatly improved pull to refresh action.
  • Fixed a potential crash when sending a tweet.
  • Updated translations
  • Updated icons.
  • Tubecast support.
  • Should have reduced occurrences of rate limiting.
  • Improved loading indicators for more tweets.
  • Improved loading for quickly viewing timeline images (should be instant now.)
  • Updated layout on Settings -> About. Check it out!
  • Better reliability of unread indicators.
  • Added French and Portuguese (Brazil) localization.
  • Option to display square user images.
  • You can now have the appbar hide itself when scrolling downwards

Grab ‘Aeries for Twitter’ from Windows Phone Store below

Type – Free
Size – 2 MB
Version – 2014.1229.1137.4134 Beta
Works with WP8.1 (512MB RAM supported)
Publisher – Brad Stevenson

Aeries for Twitter on Windows Phone