We are looking at a new application from Microsoft Corporation and if the reviews are anything to go by then Microsoft Math has just struck the right chords with users.

As the name suggests, Microsoft Math is Microsofts take on making Math more engaging & social. After signing in with your MS account, you can go to my catalog which presents you with levels like High School Mathematics (Global Math) etc.

There are five topics to choose from viz. numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement, probability and statistics and calculus. As with any levels, correct answers will fetch you points taking you further. Every wrong answer will return a correct answer and an explanation for the same.

There is a ranking mechanism and you can even create or add yourself to Groups making the whole process a lot more fun.

Heres how Microsoft puts it

Microsoft Math makes the learning experience personal, engaging and exciting. Students can do math exercises, read theory, learn from examples, and take tests.

Microsoft Math adds a social dimension to education, making it possible to collaborate and compete with other students.

Teachers can use Microsoft Math to motivate, monitor, and track learning and skill levels, giving more specific and individual feedback to students. It’s a great tool for enriching the learning experience, engaging students even after school hours and outside classrooms.

Grab Microsoft Math from Windows Phone Store below

Type Free
Size 1 MB
Works with WP8.1 (512MB RAM supported)
Publisher Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Math for Windows Phone