USB OTG in Windows 10 for Phones

One of the most requested & desired features by the Lumia and Windows Phone owners is the USB On-The-Go functionality whereby one can connect external pen-drives or hard-disks to their devices.

Now as it turns out, Microsoft is already working on to bring this feature with Windows 10. From whatever knowledge I carry, most Lumia’s have the requisite hardware to support this functionality but again it all depends on the implementation part of it.

Microsoft will announce about the USB OTG functionality at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community event scheduled on March 18-19 in Schenzhen.

Here are some official wordings from the event schedule

Windows 10 introduces support for USB Dual Role and Type-C, which will enable new wired connectivity scenarios such a phone interacting with USB peripherals, or laptops connecting to an external display using the USB Type-C connector.

This session will go into detail on how Windows supports these technologies and what you need to do to enable them.

Topics include:

  • Overview of the new use cases introduced with USB Dual Role and Type-C
  • What scenarios are and aren’t supported for Dual Role devices
  • Using Alternate Modes (e.g. DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, or MHL) over Type-C
  • Support for Power Delivery, enabling devices to provide/consume up to 100W over USB
  • Hardware and software architecture changes for Dual Role and Type-C
  • Building a Windows system with Dual Role and/or Type-C support
  • Intended Audience: OEMs, ODMs, IDHs, IHVs, Peripheral Manufacturers, Driver Developers