Nokia Lumia 730 Selfie Phone

After Lumia 630 & Lumia 630 Dual SIM, it’s turn for Lumia 730 to get the Lumia Denim update in India. Yes Lumia 730 indeed came with the Denim update installed but the update rolling out now is an upgrade to what it already had.

The upgrade is in the form of latest OS (8.10.14234.375) and an upgraded Firmware (02040.00021.14521.550**).

Note – If you are a part of Developer Preview program then just go to ‘Preview for Developers’ app & uncheck the ‘Enable Preview for Developers’ option. Now restart your device & check for updates once again under ‘Phone update’ in Settings.

Post this roll-out, only device that remains to get the Denim update in India is Lumia 638 & the update can hit it any time.

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