WhatsApp Voice Calling on Windows Phone

A mail from WhatsApp to official Language Translating Members has revealed about the upcoming Voice Calling feature on Windows Phone amongst other bug-fixes & improvements.

Voice Calling from WhatsApp is currently available on Android with Windows Phone & iOS still in the queue. It must be noted that till date there has been no official announcement from WhatsApp regarding Voice Calling on Android.

Here’s the mail which talks about Strings to be translated to Italian & the relevant content

WhatsApp VOIP calling Windows Phone

Apart from Voice Calling, the app will bring privacy enhancements pertaining to ‘Read Receipts‘ (those Blue ticks) in Group Chat as can be seen in the mail above.

So far the above features have not made it to the Beta version of the app but may soon. Once after testing in Beta, the features will be made available to the public version of the App as part of the regular process.